Back into the Swing of Things

Getting back into the swing of things after the weekend was rather tough for me today.  Work wore me out, and class did little to keep my eyes open. 

I was sleepy from the moment I woke up, and I even caved into caffeine at work.  Soy light coffee frap it was!  It’s lovely having Starbucks on campus Smile

I had another boost in my day, too: a surprise visitor at work!

Travis came to visit me before he headed back home Sad smile! No fear…I will see him again on Friday!

After work, I forced myself to get a workout in.  I knew it would make me feel better in the end!

I started off with 20 minutes on the elliptical.  I am slowly allowed to add a few minutes to my light ellipticalling which is nice.  Though the resistance is low, I at least can do something! I followed that up by doing just about every arm and core exercise known to man. My arms still feel like jello.  My favorite thing to do while doing abs is to thrown in some push-ups after every 2 sets of abs.  It mixes it up and just adds some extra burn to my arms. 

I also got this email in the mail:


Confirmation that my switch from full marathon to half marathon has been successful.  That definitely takes some of the stress off of my back.  At this point, it’s much more realistic that I can complete 13.1 miles than the full 26.2.  Still taking it a day at a time, but hopefully by May, 13.1 miles will be fully doable!

I also got a nice surprise in the mail from my little California boyfriend.  What a nice surprise!


Yep, you can call me Mickey.

At least the surprise from Lincoln was much better than the surprise from Geno….he knocked my roommates lamp over and broke it.  At least he took some money out of the bank as an apology.

He’s quite the crazy cat.  Especially now that the dogs are here, I think Geno needs more attention and will do anything in his power to get it.  Even if that means knocking everything off every surface in the house.

Well, phew.  Good thing I finished writing in time for SMASH! Smile Hoping for a GREAT night’s sleep tonight! Adios!

PS: Bought my own domain name finally! Looks like I am moving up in the blog world bahaha.



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7 responses to “Back into the Swing of Things

  1. StoriesAndSweetPotatoes

    Hooray for a domain name! 🙂

  2. yea for buying your own domain name!!!

  3. Ha I’m so happy for you buying your own domain name! WordPress does make it so much easier! lolz. Anywho-I’m glad you could switch your marathon entry-far less stress off your back!

  4. Congrats on the domain name! That was the first thing I did when I started blogging, and I’m definitely happy I chose to do so. Loving the note from your little cat 😉

  5. I started my day off with some Starbuck’s today. The note from Geno is funny! Hopefully she’s not mad…

  6. ittybitsofbalance

    Haha Geno has such good handwriting for a cat!

  7. WOW I wish PSU had a Sbux on campus… I’m super jealous of Ship!

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