Injury Update

Just thought I’d keep you all up to date on the whole hip injury thing:

I have still been going to physical therapy twice a week.  At physical therapy I get ultrasound, stim, do stretches, and am up to about 10 minutes on the elliptical. I still can’t really tell how my hip is feeling though or if it’s getting any better.  Some days, it feels great, especially up until around dinner time where it starts to tighten up.  Other days, though, I can’t even lay on my side in bed without pain.  It’s kind of infuriating.

I am getting to the point where I am stressing about it.  I feel like I want to just run away my frustration, but I know that’s not an option so I find myself turning to food instead.  Anyone else know how I feel? I feel as though I turn to food a lot when I am stressed or frustrated.  Or when trying to avoid doing other tasks… I was pretty proud of myself the other day, though, and instead of buying chips at the gas station when I was hungry (and in a hurry!), I got some strawberries and blueberries instead.


I have also been sneaking in workouts that make me feel productive but don’t kill my hip.

I have also been doing a lot of home workouts which start off with some of this:

Fluid trainer and kindle reading.  Perfection!

After the trainer, I do some sort of arm and ab combo.

Here’s a killer Upper Body and Core Workout to do at home or the gym!

  • 10 pushups
  • 20 crunches with weight (6 lb)
  • 10 arnolds (1o lb) (bicep curl with shoulder press) (don’t mind my bike shorts or my weird eyes…I’m blaming that one on the camera angle Smile and my goodness, I’ve told you before…I am the queen of awkward.)
  • 10 swimmers
  • 10 tricep kickbacks (10 lb)
  • 10 figure eights (8 lb)
  • 15 hip elevated chest flies (8 lb)
  • 10 boxers (5 lb)
  • 15 back extensions
  • 10 hammer curls (10 lb)
  • 20 russian twists per side (5 lb)

Repeat 3 times and feel the burn!

At least I can do something, right??

Enjoy your last day of the month! Can’t believe how fast March has flown by! I’ll make sure to celebrate the new month NYC style Winking smile



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8 responses to “Injury Update

  1. Awe you are too cute! My swwim coach used to call it arnolds as well!

  2. Chasing Fifty

    Hang in there. Being sidelined is frustrating, but the healing has to happen. Someday, you’ll look back on this and say… “That sucked. But I made it!”

  3. It looks like you’re making the best out of the situation & coming up with some good workouts! Enjoy NYC!

  4. Aww Nikki keep staying strong… injuries are just the worst. But you are doing what you need to and strengthening areas you can, that is great!
    Have a fun time in NYC!

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