NYC Loving

Oh my goodness. Incredible. Delicious. Amazing. Perfect. Fantastic. <—All words to describe the weekend my sister and I spent in New York City. You’ll have to wait until Wednesday for the delicious part, though Smile.

I’m going to take you step by step through Saturday and Sunday.  I think I’ll portray it better through pictures more than words.  Let’s just say from 12:00 when we arrived Saturday afternoon until 5:00 when we left last night, the weekend was terrific.

We arrived to this hotel room (AKA tiniest room known to man).  This picture is legit the whole room:


We immediately headed to lunch at a Mexican burrito place and then made our way to walk around Central Park. While we were there, we made a pit stop at the zoo. I love me animals <3.  Especially monkeys, penguins and sea lions.




Following the zoo, we did a little more walking (I’m talking we walked for 2+ hours in total), heading back to our room to change, then headed to dinner before the best musical production I have ever seen.  And I mean it.  And that’s saying a LOT considering how many shows I’ve seen in my day.



Yep, that picture is illegal Winking smile. Total rebel. Here’s a little of what the musical was like, though! EEK.  I need to see it again!  And also, Jack Kelly, will you marry me?


Standard Times Square hoopla


Bahahah ugly mirror shot before starting our Sunday adventures


Strand Books: 18 miles of books…four floor filled floor to ceiling!!  Perfect for a nerd like me. My sister definitely knows the way to my heart by finding this for us to do!







We walked over 40 blocks throughout the city Sunday and passed through NYU and also passed Grand Central Station.


Overall, fabulous trip.  A lot of what we did revolved around food (as my life typically does) but once again, you’ll have to wait until WIAW for that Winking smile.

Have you ever been to NYC? If so, what’s your favorite thing to do there?

Also, rest in peace, Micah True.  The world definitely lost a great runner :(.  For those of you who haven’t read Born to Run, you need to!



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24 responses to “NYC Loving

  1. Ahh what a fun weekend! Being a resident of NYC opens up so many foodie doors for me. I love it!

  2. ittybitsofbalance

    Ever since I stopped doing musical theater I’ve been soo out of the musical loop 😦 I have never even heard of Newsies!

    Glad to hear you had a great time. I would’ve been all over the bookstore too

  3. That sounds like a great weekend. I can’t wait to see what foodie things you did lol. I live in Staten Island which is one of the Burroughs of NYC so I go into Manhatten a lot especially since the ferry is free lol. My favorite thing to do is hang out in the east villege. I love walking around there and wondering into different stores. The lower easy side always will have my heart lol

  4. I ❤ NYC! I actually bought my wedding dress there & now I miss having an excuse (fittings!) to go there!

  5. I think I had the wrong person but were you on campus today!?!?!

  6. NEWSIES!! SO so jealous 🙂 I really do enjoy NYC…visiting is just such a phenomenal experience, but I would sure neverrr want to live there haha

  7. Wowza! What an awesome fun-filled weekend! NYC looks like so fun and exciting 🙂

  8. 18 miles of books….I have to visit this place soon!
    I have been to NYC twice. The first I went in the world trade center a month before the planes hit. A year later, I went to see the aftermath. It was crazy, insane, and tearfull.

  9. That looks awesome! I want to go to NYC just to relax. I’ve been there with my parents and such but never to just kinda hang out for a few days, ya know?

  10. Sounds absolutely wonderful! I am looking forward to seeing all your delicious eats from your time there too! 🙂

  11. sounds like an AMAZING trip!! i love NYC- i’ve been three times for a week each and would gladly visit a million more times!

  12. I’m so jealous of all your NYC posts! I’ve always wanted to go there but I haven’t been yet. Everything you guys did looks like it was really fun!

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