Good News!

Last time I gave an injury report, I mentioned frustration at how long this hip is taking to heal! I will admit, it’s still extremely frustrating, aggravating, stressful, etc.  But yesterday, I did receive at least a little good news: I can start some pool walking and running in hopes to start up on the treadmill in the near future. I know it’s still not as awesome as it could be, but that means that there is hope.  I am making progress, though it’s still a “some days are better than others” type of injury. 

My physical therapy center has an hydro track, too, which is perfect. 

I am excited to see how it treats me.  And with it I will continue the weighted leg lifts, lift biking/ellipticaling, squats and stretches that I have been doing.  Although it’s small improvement, it’s the little shred of hope that I think I need to continue to push forward (and not go for the like hour long run I would love to go for in this pretty weather!).

And while I’m still on this happy note, I figured I would show you the pins that have made me happy lately. Smile  And they’re all appropriately Easter themed!

And last but not least, two articles that I found enjoyable/strange/funny.  You should most definitely check them out.

10 Wackiest Bacon Products – Bacon Flavored Diet Coke?!!?!?

13 Simple Steps To Get You Through A Rough Day – Thanks to Trav for this one!

Enjoy your Holy Thursday!



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9 responses to “Good News!

  1. I’m so happy for you girl and that thing looks like no joke! I have never even seen running rehabilitation like that!

  2. Yayyy I am glad you are starting to improve! Take it nice and slow, as you are doing 🙂
    That Pepe show one is great, I am repinning it!

  3. Glad to hear that you’re healing! I’m sure you’ll be back and running in no time 🙂 love the pics! Too cute!

  4. that is such good news! my friend had to do some water running when she couldn’t run because of her foot. but what is a hydro track?
    also, love pinterest haha

  5. Sooo happy to hear your great news!! 😀 That’s very exciting! I’m still waiting to get cleared by my doctor to get moving as well; I never thought I’d miss getting my sweat on so much! lol
    I love the cute easter pics, especially the little dyed eyes! 😛

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