Saturday Round-up

First of all, Happy Easter Saturday! My mom’s side of the family is celebrating Easter this afternoon since we all have other places to be tomorrow.  Travis and I are going to his parents’ house in the morning to celebrate there as well! Traveling makes me sleepy, but at least he drives and I get to sleep in the car Winking smile.

I have taken a lot of pictures lately that never got their spot on the blog, so here’s a little round-up before heading to celebrate the holiday!


The books I got at Strand Bookstore in NYC


Me and Gene…blurry but he’s too cute!

The boys eating puppy ice cream for an Easter treat!

Yummy car ride snack for the ride home!

Before going out in DC with Trav and my sister last week!

I think that’s all of the missed randomness.  I hope you all have a wonderful Easter holiday and a great weekend!  Any exciting and big plans??



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2 responses to “Saturday Round-up

  1. Vonnegut FTW! Oh man… what an author.

    Also, super cute shirt! I hope you have a happy Easter!!

  2. love the randoms! I just got 4 new books at the library- hopefully they are good beach reads 🙂

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