Easter Overload + Blogger In Real Life

Well, Lent is officially over. Hope you all had a great Easter holiday! Being vegan for Lent showed me a lot about myself.  First off, I can survive without all of those things in my diet and still feel strong, healthy, and energized.  My body doesn’t need animal products to be powerful, but it was sort of hard to make the huge transition.  As you’ll see from the following post, I have reverted back to my previous eating at least for now.  Surprisingly, though, it’s not much different from a vegan diet: I don’t eat meat, I don’t like milk, and I never buy eggs.  From now on, I feel as though my diet will be mainly vegan by default, with a few non-vegan things  thrown in from time to time.

This weekend included a lot of non-vegan things, but I am ok with that.  I am shocked that my body didn’t go nuts with all of the dairy and eggs I threw at it.  I was sort of a horrible blogger and didn’t get too many pictures of what I ate this weekend.  At Easter numero uno on Saturday, I had some pasta and potatoes, and this epic ice cream sundae!


Yep, that’s cookie dough and Oreo ice cream with caramel and peanut butter sauce and tons of sprinkles. 

On Sunday morning, before Trav and I headed to his house for Easter, my mom made us brunch:


Egg casserole (Trav got my bacon)


Blueberry muffins

We had some un-pictured English muffin and hash browns, too!  Nothing beats a good home cooked meal!

Instead of getting our own Easter baskets, my mom bought enough to fill a huge basket, and we each picked what we wanted.  We each got an egg filled with money and Starbucks gift cards as well.  I have the best Easter bunny Smile


Trav and I had to head across the state for more family fun and food.  Although the drive seems like forever, I do love passing by the wind mills in Somerset.


After further pigging out at Trav’s house during Easter part two (and receiving another Easter basket from his parent’s!), I am stuff for good.  Well, that’s a lie.  After today’s breakfast meet-up I am stuffed for good.  Or at least until a little bit later when I head over to Starbucks to try out one of my new gift cards Smile

Hollie and I met up for breakfast while she was traveling back to school in NY today.  Let me just say that she is as awesome in person as she is on the web.  Probably better in real life, if that’s possible.  I seriously am about to find out when I am free to go to Virginia Beach this summer just to see her.  And who really needs an excuse to go to the beach…

Hollie met me in Shippensburg at a little café called Biscotti, and then it was time to chow down on some breakfast. 


We probably had the most awkward lighting at a table ever, but oh well.  I got a cheese omelet with hashbrowns and toast.  It was yummy.  Probably not as yummy as the chocolate chip biscotti she got with her coffee, though.  I need to go back there ASAP to try some out!!


She totally made my day/week/probably life at least until the semester is over…  I love how I have met some of the most amazing people through the blog world! Unfortunately, I am off to do some work and try to be productive.  Only three more weeks of classes left!!!

How was your Easter?

Have you ever met up with a blogger friend in real life? I want to do it more often!



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22 responses to “Easter Overload + Blogger In Real Life

  1. What a nice weekend! Isn’t it cool meeting online people in real life? I have made a few friends from blogging and one I now consider a really good friend!

  2. Reading your post felt like a roller-coaster ride! Really!!

  3. What a fun Easter! I am loving that basket. I haven’t met any bloggers yet – although I would love to. I am hoping to go to the Healthy Living Summit in Philly this Summer!

  4. Looks like there were some yummy Easter treats to pick from!

    I’ve met quite a few bloggers in real life & every one has been awesome! It’s so fun getting to meet people that you read so much about!

  5. ittybitsofbalance

    Haha, nothing like some Easter ice cream 😉 I had my froyo fix yesterday at a place that was surprisingly open for the holiday!

    Not that I was complaining 😀

  6. I’m so jealous you got to meet Hollie as she is the bomb.com 🙂

    Also, I love your attitude about food/eating. You care but you don’t beat yourself up about stuff. That is awesome and so balanced.

  7. Easter ice cream… umm yeahhh that sounds good Nikki 😉 You have such great treats here, I am jealous of your load! That is so nice you had a real life meet up! I have had two, but am hoping for several more in the future!

  8. That is quite the Easter basket! Lucky bunny you are! 😀

  9. HELLL YEAHHH (PS: I’m FINALLY back bahaha). Anyways-I had so much fun and you really should come and visit down in VA! 🙂

  10. Your Easter basket was overloaded with amazing treats! That is awesome! Your ice cream looks pretty darn delicious too. Nothing like stopping being Vegan and eating a whole lot of diary and eggs!

  11. All that food looks delicious! Yummy!

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