WIAW–Spring Edition!

Signs that spring has sprung are evident everywhere.  A.) Flowers are blooming.  B.) The sun is shining and it’s getting warm! C.) Seasonal foods are back!

Thanks to Jenn, I’m here to show you some of my favorite spring foods that I’ve been having lately:


Strawberries are back!



RITA’S – I got red velvet flavor with vanilla custard and it was absolutely amazing!!!


Not really spring…but pretty delicious nonetheless


Salad with tons of greens and veggies and almonds and sunflower seeds


Topped my salad with this deliciousness from my vegan stash…makes me feel like a barbeque and makes me wish for summer NOW.


Favorite snack ever

In preparation for the season, I bought some new placemats for the kitchen.  I loved them, and they were only a dollar! Win!


I just love placemats so these made me happy Smile

What’s your favorite spring seasonal food?



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43 responses to “WIAW–Spring Edition!

  1. You space is super cute and this post is especially very well done. The images are so cute!!! When you have the time do drop by my space. I just made some chilled sorbet and would love to know what you think.

    PS: I love swimming too!

  2. Happy WIAW! 🙂 Yay for strawberries! I have been loving them, too. Those kamut puffed cakes sound awesome!

  3. Those placemats are cute… summery indeed 🙂 I really like the combination of pretzels and diet coke… I know that diet coke is terrible for you and all of that, but whatever, those two flavors together are just so glorious 🙂
    Asparagus is just so tasty right now, a favorite spring food! And not just becaues it’s a vegetable haha

  4. love the placemats!! myfavorite spring food is watermelon. or is that a summer food? oh well haha

  5. WAHH. Tim wanted to take me to Rita’s but we ran out of time. (lame). It all looks so good though! 🙂

  6. Such cute placemats! And great eats girl! I’m loving all the strawberries and fresh fruit lately! 🙂 I’m counting down the seconds untill raspberries are in season!

  7. Pretzels are my favorite snack too! The red velvet & vanilla custard concoction looks amazing!!!! Red velvet anything is my favorite.

  8. ahh all your eats look awesome. I LOVE RITA’S!!! I can’t wait to go I haven’t been in 2 years even though they are everywhere around me. I’ll have to give the red velvet a try! My favorite is usually the mango. I’m also loving that strawberries are back I have missed fruits!

  9. Everything looks tasty especially the parfait!

  10. yummy! this blog is giving me stomach rumbles. 😛

  11. I definitely love having more fruit and definitely SEA FOOD!

  12. fairyhealthylife

    Oh my, I have no idea what Rita’s is, but I want some! Everything looks great! Keep it up!

  13. yummm, it’s been so long i almost forgot strawberries existed!! and that means raspberries aren’t far behind! 🙂

  14. Oooh I didn’t know Rita’s had red velvet! Is that new?! I haven’t been yet this year, but I’ve gotta try that!

  15. I love Rita’s! I didn’t know there was a red velvet flavor either! Yum!

  16. AntosDoesLife

    I tried commenting earlier on my phone but it doesn’t let me! That Rita’s looks AMAZING, and I don’t even like Rita’s!

  17. Red Velvet Cream Ice sounds… interesting? I’ll have to try it! That parfait looks really good to me right now. I’ve been craving one like mad!

  18. I was totally wondering how the red velvet flavor was!!!

  19. That custard looks incredible! I wish I had a Rita’s near me…and that my body didn’t hate dairy quite so much:)

  20. Chelsea @ Chelsea Runs

    Great eats! So glad to connect with the other girls who sweat pink! The puffed kamut looks like a must try ASAP!

  21. Red velvet ice cream? I live near a Rita’s but have never been. Red velvet calls for a trip though!

  22. Oh my goodness, that custard looks amazing! I wish I had a place like that around me! Oh wait…maybe I dont…that could be pretty dangerous!

  23. Strawberries are AMAZING right now. I can’t stop eating them.

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