How I Spent My Saturday

Super long post…but here’s a day in the life of Nikki:

6:45 – Wake up…even though my alarm was set for 8, down some coffee. eat some breakfast, and get to work on my to-do list


7:15 – Start spring cleaning in my closet and room.  Only got through about half of my stuff…and have over a garbage bag full of stuff to donate…and more to throw away!


9:00 – Get a call from the Safelite that they were coming early to fix my windshield

9:15 – Get ready to head to yoga with my friend, Rachel

9:40 – Rachel arrives to pick me up just as Safelite gets there.  Safelite tells me they can’t fix my car on a road, and since I don’t have a driveway, tell me to come into the shop when they call later that afternoon. WHAT A PITA!! (pain in the….you know Winking smile)

10:00 – Yoga with Rachel.  Eases my mind a bit about the silly car stuff and stretched out my sore body

11:45 – Eat some pb&j and eat an apple

12:15 – Safelite calls saying that they are ready for me to head into the shop with my car, so I head to the car place with my friend, Lisa.  She came along so that we could go shopping while waiting for the car.  I bought some good stuff…a summer dress, shoes, and all sorts of loveliness to make me forget about the car haha

3:00 – Pick up my car, head home, and continue the cleaning.  Found super old suits that were hard to throw away!  My first ever Ship suit, and a realllyyyyy old one from high school!


5:00 – Eat dinner: Flax rice spirals with a bit of hot sauce and Italian dressing, cucumber, green pepper, peas, and corn


6:00 – Watch the Goonies while working on a project. Goonies NEVER say die! Love this movie!


Hahahaha you can judge me, but yes, that is what I have to do for class.  Oh, task analysis…

7:00 – Refuel with coffee so that I can stay away for the rest of the night

7:30 – Shower and get ready for the evening

9:00 – Head out with friends



12:30 – Head to bed…WAY too late for my grandma self! Smile

Now, off to make some hummus and play some bingo…more details to come, of course!



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14 responses to “How I Spent My Saturday

  1. I love day in the life style posts! 🙂

  2. Good for you for purging your closet. I need to do that!

  3. ittybitsofbalance

    Haha your Saturday looks like my Friday! I’m usually in bed by 10:30-11:00 at the latest, but a meeting I was at lasted until 12:30!!! Needless to say, I was POOPED all of Saturday because my grandma self decided to wake up at 7:00 (which is sadly considered late for me!)

    By the way, IS THERE A HOLE IN THE BUTT OF THAT SWIMSUIT!? (mind you, this is coming from the girl who has no knowledge about swimming at all)

  4. healthcraved

    hahahaha PITA?! I’ve never heard that one, but I’m definitely using it from now on

  5. katalysthealth

    GOOONIES!! Love that movie. That movie used to be my sisters favorite when she was like 5 years old, so wed literally watch it twice a day everyday. I swear I know every line!

  6. Is it just me or do you keep all your old bathing suits? I don’t even need ones from 10 years ago but I have them…why I don’t know.

  7. Chelsea @ Chelsea Runs

    I always find these kinds of posts so interesting! Glad you got your car fixed 🙂 I hate spring cleaning!

  8. I got your tweet about how you can’t sleep in either … we’re twins! I loved reading about a day in people’s lives!

  9. You were busy! It’s always nice to have a productive day. 🙂

  10. Sounds like the perfect balance of fun & productivity!

  11. I am so impressed with your early wake up time! I struggle waking up at 6:30am on the weekdays lol.

  12. I just recently went through my room and got rid of a TON of feels soooo good! Awesome day.

  13. what a long day! I have to start my day w/ coffee too. I also have a ton of suits left, they are so hard to get rid of

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