Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Here’s my ramble about helping out Mother Nature:

That’s Mother Nature on Halloween…

One thing that I wish my hometown did better is being “green”. Where I grew up, there isn’t even community-wide recycling.  My family does do some recycling of their own, though. That’s one thing I love about Ship.  I think recycling is a great thing, but only one small way that I try to help the environment.  Being out on my own has helped me recognize new ways to help the world around me, and doing some of these things makes me feel better about myself, too!

Recycling paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum are great ways to help out Mother Nature.  Another way is eliminating bags.  Shopping bags and ziploc bags.  Reusable bags and tupperware all the way!!  So much less of an impact on the environment!

Eliminating plastic silverware also can help the environment.  If disposable silverware are absolutely necessary, they have biodegradable ones! They had them when I worked at the Library of Congress and it made me so happy. 

Simple things to do: turning off the lights before leaving a room.  Hanging clothes up to dry. Riding a bike or walking or even running to local places. Take a shorter shower. Use cruise control. Pay bills online. Composting. Go vegetarian one day a week.

Organic foods are always great, too.  A little more expensive, but can be so worth it!

I got an email from PureWow that states all sorts of compostable products that you would never even know existed.  It’s pretty freaking cool.  Lip balm and toothbrushes? How cool!  Compostable Goods has a TON of compostable products to purchase.  Once I have a little more money, I am totally going to consider all of the zero-waste plates, silverware, and bags. 

Here’s a song for good measure.  Gotta love Jack Johnson:

On a side note, check out my post on Fit Approach regarding What Injury Has Taught Me.  One thing in particular is something I have to keep telling myself: this marathon is not the end of the world.  There will be other chances…once I get my hip back together!

What’s your favorite way to help the environment??



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13 responses to “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

  1. Great tips! We recycle cans/bottles, but could definitely do more. I have a bunch of reusable bags, I just always forget to bring them to the grocery store. When I get home from work today I should make it a point to put them in my car!

  2. Growing up in Oregon we recycled everything. Now that I live in E. Washington hardly anyone recycles. I wished that it was more universal because it isn’t hard.

  3. healthcraved

    Hardly anyone recycles at my school, but everyone recycles at home! These are great tips–some of them I already do and some I should start doing immediately!

  4. Love these tips girl! Also-love that mother nature halloween outfit-one of the *few* classier designs out there. Oh Halloween…

  5. Awesome tips! I’m always wondering how I can do more for mothaaaa natureee! Haha I love the halloween costume 😀

  6. Love jack johnson and recycling. Here in st louis. They have a dumpster just for recycling. I wish more people did it though, its so easy!

  7. Travis

    Its about time!

  8. Yes, yes, yes! So glad you posted this! Reducing waste is so important!

  9. great blog! i sort of recycle sometimes, but could do a much better job of it!

  10. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    Great post, and great tips 🙂 We could all do better in this area I suspect! Being aware of it is half the battle though – there is lots to try / do when you stop to think.

  11. Awesome post! Some of these I wasn’t aware of and am definitely looking into them. And you’ve inspired me to do my own “green” post this weekend!

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