WIAW–Everything edition!

Ok, so normally, I just make a compilation of things that I happen to remember to photograph throughout the week.

But today, thanks to the ever so lovely Jenn, I will be showing you one day in the life of Nikki’s eats.


Overnight oats with some cocoa powder, pb, and frozen fruit for breakfast!


Goodbelly and a salad with light catalina for lunch



Grapes and pretzels as an afternoon snack


Pizza quesadilla for dinner



Apple and plantain chips for dessert


And some very much needed hot chocolate as a bedtime snack.

There you have it.  That’s all that I ate yesterday. And lots of water was consumed as well.  Water chugging CHAMP right here.

What is one of your favorite “normal day” meals?



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22 responses to “WIAW–Everything edition!

  1. Yummm that pizza quesadilla sounds good!!!

  2. Ditto – pizza quesadilla looks wonderful!

    I’m a creature of habit food-wise so a good eating day is when I branch out and find something new that I love.

  3. healthcraved

    YUM–pizza quesadilla! those grapes look delicious. I love hot cocoa but it’s 90 degrees here, so no hot chocolate for awhile for me 😦

  4. katalysthealth

    I wish I was a water chugging champ. Im working on it though!! I always look forward to my toast with pb in the morning. SOmething about melty pb that gets me excited 😉

  5. fairyhealthylife

    yummy, breakfast is always my favorite no matter what it is!

  6. On a normal day I always have an egg and cheese sandwich on an English muffin. It’s my favorite I never get sick of it!

  7. that pizza quesadilla looks delicious!

  8. andrew and I love to have colby cheese and apple slices. It has become our afternoon snack when he gets home from school- its perfect!

  9. everything looks delicious, especially that pizza quesadilla! i used to eat those every single day when i got home from school as a snack- brings back childhood memories!!

  10. I am eying the pizza quesadilla, looks so good Nikki!

  11. ohh I hope you like the plantain chips! 🙂 And I am definitely trying the pizza quesadilla tonight for dinner!!

  12. Yum, hot chocolate! You got my cravings for it up now lol.

    I haven’t made a pizza quesadilla in ages – thanks for the reminder!

  13. one of my favorite normal day meals would have to be greek yogurt and PB!

  14. I think i could eat three of those pizza quesadillas! 😀

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  16. Chelsea @ Chelsea Runs

    The pizza quesadilla looks like such a great idea! I’ll have to try it. I always have oatmeal, sunflower seeds, coconut, and maple syrup for breakfast after my run. Sooo good!

  17. Your eats look delicious – especially the quesadilla!

    My days used to look the same until this week – when I’ve been eating out every day for lunch! I’m still sticking to oats in the AM, but even that will change next week so I can ensure I’m getting more protein in my breakfast!

  18. Yummy eats! Hmmm…I suddenly want overnight oats for breakfast tomorrow…:)

  19. I love the idea of the plantain chips as a dessert! So many times after dinner I’m craving something slightly sweet, slightly salty. Those would totally fit the bill! Now the trick will be not eating too many of them. 🙂 Thanks for the great idea!

  20. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    I like the look of those overnight oats!

  21. caloricandcrazy

    so many good eats—epecially the overnight oats!

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