WIAW–Moving Edition

While I was moving, my camera kind of went MIA.  It wasn’t until everything was unpacked and unloaded that it decided to complete its disappearing act.

With that being said, many of these What I Ate Wednesday pictures were taken on my phone.  Shout out to Jenn for hosting this every week! They’re mostly the random eats that I have pulled together during my move in an effort to weed out old stuff that has been on the shelves far too long.

Veggie soup


Dollar delicious pita chips?! I’ll take it! And they go perfectly with this:



Breakfast cookie tweaked from Fitnessista’s recipe!

Eating an apple while finishing my Running and Reading Long book! It was amazing…but more on that later Smile


Banana “ice cream”.  With some blackberries and strawberries and cocoa powder mixed in! Talk about TERRIFIC!  I still think it’s strange that I HATE bananas but like them like this!

The rest of the weekend, I kind of ate like crap.  So hopefully I can get back into focus since I am going to the beach next weekend!

Have you found any good “steals” in the store lately? Those pitas definitely were for me!



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26 responses to “WIAW–Moving Edition

  1. I love hummus- the spicier the better!

  2. Travis

    Where are the chos???

  3. oh girl I find steals ALL THE TIME!! I actually found dark chocolate cream cheese for 99cent yesterday, along with a large basil tomato pizza for $2 🙂

  4. That nanner ice cream looks like the bomb. I haven’t found any good steals because I’ve been avoiding the store like it’s my job (otherwise I’ll buy more things that I do not need. ;))

  5. i really think i need to make that banana ice cream like, today! and those pita chips,,,1$?! thats a steal!!! pairing those babies with my favorite hummus would be an AWESOME snack!

  6. healthcraved

    LOVE banana ice cream! I’ve never tried that flavor of athenos..how spicy is it?

  7. Nice eats! Banana ice cream is the best.. But my mom ate my extra banana. Rude! I got a can of refried beans at the store for a buck the other day. I am so excited to eat it, especially because things taste better when they’re cheap. 🙂

  8. I’m so impressed that you have any photos to share at all this week, what with the move and everything you had going on. That breakfast cookie looks really good, I’m going to look into the recipe.

  9. Mmmm the hummus looks divine. I love that book, too! I keep telling my husband, “Kara Goucher says…” LOL

  10. Your “ice cream” looks really good! I hope the move went well!!

  11. I love that hummus as well! How was the move? vitatops are my new favorite at the moment

  12. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    I don’t like fresh bananas either, but freeze them and whiz them up and I’m in love – your chocolate dessert looks great! And those pita chips look pretty cool too.

  13. Spicey hummus! Yum! That reminds me….I purchased some the other day and forgot! 🙂

  14. How do you make your banana “ice cream”? It looks so good and healthy!!

    • Simplest thing in the universe: peel and freeze a banana, and blend it until frothy. Add mix-ins as desired 🙂 This was cocoa powder and some fresh berries. I’ve done peanut butter, cinnamon, vanilla, anything really!

  15. caloricandcrazy

    those pita chips look amazing! as well as the breakfast cookie 🙂

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