Injury Complete?!

Before I get into the injury report, let me just say one little thing.  You never realize how lonely you are until your pet is taken away! Geno isn’t allowed to chill with my at my new apartment, meaning he’s found a new home until further notice. Booo.  I miss my little guy FAR too much.  I even miss his devilish antics a tad bit, too!

That’s him looking a little creepy at his interim residence.

But back to the injury.  Remember way back in February when I started physical therapy on my hip? Welp, as a Wednesday I have officially graduated from PT and have moved on to bigger things. The most awesome, amazing thing about my PT center is that they give you something called Wellness after you’ve complete therapy.  Basically, it’s 30 days to use their facility and resources to continue stretching and strengthening the injury and surrounding muscles.  And IT’S FREE!

How freaking cool is that? Free gym membership and the chance to use the special rehab related tools?! I’m all over it.  I absolutely adore everything about where my PT was. The staff was outstanding and knowledgeable, and the resources are great. Remember the hydro track? Yep, too cool.  I’m glad I get to stick with them a bit longer!

Now, I just have to not go overboard and allow my body to remember what it’s like to feel good while working out.  No rushing it or the risk of re-injury is high!

I did a fabulous strength workout that I saw on Meals and Miles that she got from Food and Fun on the Run. It was super awesome, and a great way to start getting back in the hang of things! I also ran/walked 1.75 miles and biked 6 while watching Sophia Grace and Rosie on Ellen!

Go me! haha  I will do anything as long as I can watch those adorable children.

Ok well, off to Pittsburgh so daddy dearest can change the tires on my car! Smile



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10 responses to “Injury Complete?!

  1. Congrats on graduating from PT. I love their idea of a wellness program that lets you still utilize their facility for a bit longer. Enjoy!

  2. wow! that is a really great deal at your PT place!

  3. WAHOOOOOOO for graduating from PT!!! I bet it has been a long journey with them, and not being able to run. but girl you are kicking booty now!!! awesome job!

  4. Im so glad that you found my workout and got benefit from it! I really like that strength workout!! Good look with your rehab and getting back into shape!!

  5. Congrats on graduating from PT! Stay smart and you’ll be 100% recovered in no time. 🙂 Sorry that you can’t have your kitty.. I feel the same way when I leave for college and all my animals are at home and I’m not. At least you can visit him! (I hope??)

  6. Working out while watching Ellen has to be the best! I love that woman.

  7. That’s awesome that you graduated from PT! 🙂 The use of a gym for free, um yes please.
    How cute were Sophe Grace and Rosie on Ellen!! They crack me up. 🙂

  8. Poor Geno..and poor you! I would be super bummed if my cats couldn’t live with me. It’s so nice having them to come home to!
    Yay for graduating from PT!

  9. I’m glad to hear your injury is going away or gone! How cool that you can keep going to the PT place!!!

  10. Enjoy your 30 days of Wellness! I hate that Geno couldn’t come with you to the new place.

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