Music Update

As someone obsessed with music, I haven’t really told you about what I’ve been listening to on repeat as of late.  Actually, practically the whole ride home from school yesterday consisted of these songs and a few old-school jams on a continuous stream.

I love Florence + The Machine.

Two of my favorite voices.  I can’

Ummm….. Adam Levine is sexy.  That is all.  And Wiz – homeboy represent! TGOD!

I am obsessed with Smash and want the new season to start ASAP!

My song obsessions get pretty eclectic from time to time.  I like most any type of music.  Like some Carly Rae never gets old.  Especially when lip synced by college baseball players Winking smile.

Off to grocery shop and fill up the car before heading back to Ship!

What’s been on your playlist lately??



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7 responses to “Music Update

  1. LOVE that payphone song. Seriously I jam out to it 🙂
    When it comes to music Im kind of all over the place to be honest. I like a little bit of everything!

  2. I LOVE Florence and the Machine too!

  3. Love love love ‘Shake it Out’ – definitely a favorite of mine. The song I am absolutely crazy for is ‘Call Me Maybe’ by Carly Rae Jepsen.

  4. These songs are all great. I love them all, especially the Gotye song. I really like Fun, but no one can beat Gotye’s version for me. This is my all time obsession right now. Adam Levine will have my babies.

  5. All Maroon 5 songs! even Payphone, Coldplay, and OneRepublic

  6. I love Florance and the Machines. They are such a fun group!

  7. these are all on my favorites list!!! and adam levine.. very good lookin’ fellow

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