New finds, dead flowers, and a recipe

Sorry this is a long and picture-ful post! Hope everyone is enjoyed a wonderfully beautiful weekend!

Yesterday morning, before I headed back to Shippensburg, my mama and I headed to the grocery store, Target, and Dick’s Sporting Goods.  Needless to say, I found some awesome new finds that I am overly pumped to try Smile.


The long anticipated Luna fiber bars! I went with the ones that sounded like PB&J.


Ummm these sound just like an Auntie Anne’s pretzel to me!


For those mornings when I am just too darn lazy!


Asiago cheese and chicken in a soup…YES, PLEASE!


All of my favorite things in one! Plus it was on sale!


I never said everything I found was food related Winking smile New Nike Free cross trainers!  These should definitely help me Sweat Pink!

And there was this one time that I came home from work last week to this sight: every single flower had died throughout the day! Sad, sad tulips.


Oh, ya, and I made these last night.  Seeing something called a homemade Luna bar was all I needed to jump at the recipe.  They were simple and yummy and will be a great quick treat with just the perfect amount of sweetness!


They didn’t turn out EXACTLY like CCK’s recipe.  I think that my chocolate was more “saucy”.  I used the recipe she linked to, but the chocolate sauce kind of sank through my crispies.  No big deal.  The ones on the left in the picture above show how the mixture seeped through. 


Still a winner, though.

Have you tried any new recipes lately??

Oh ya, and registration for the DC Color Run opened yesterday.  My sister created a team for the Sept. 9 race, and by the time I went to join the team, it was all sold out! So totally bummed! Sad smile



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10 responses to “New finds, dead flowers, and a recipe

  1. I really like those sneakers! I think I tried them on, actually, the last time I went sneaker shopping!

  2. love those shoes…they look great 🙂

  3. Looks like a great shopping trip! I’ve definitely been on a “try new recipes” kick. I’ve had some successes, some fails, and a few “not-quite-right, but still tastes amazing” but it’s always fun to expand your horizons!

  4. ittybitsofbalance

    Hey, just think of them as chocolate layered bars 😉

  5. GREAT finds! and those bars look delicious 🙂

  6. Woahhh I LOVE those pretzel thin things, but I’ve never had the cinnamon sugar ones!

  7. I am all about the pretzel thins right now! Especially loving the plain ones with hummus.

  8. Aww the tulips !! The petals are pretty though all spread out 🙂

    I love your new shoes ! Very cute!!

  9. I love your new shoes! Sorry about the Color Run 😦 I hate it when you get blocked out of a race right when you were about to sign up.

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