Cheribundi Review and Giveaway

I don’t know if I have said this or not (I think it’s only been like 100 times), but I have a weird thing about food textures.  Fruits in general kind of freak me out.  Bananas, oranges, cherries…yep, their textures make me gag. The bad thing is that I really like the taste of some of the fruits which puts me in a huge dilemma.

When I saw the cheribundi giveaway on Alyssa’s blog, I was almost hesitant to enter for fear that it would have pulp or something, but in hindsight, I am SO glad I entered (and won!).  The giveaway opened me to a new and delicious drink that allows me to taste the cherries without the texture.



I was super excited to try each of the five juices: Tru Cherry, Skinny Cherry, Cacao Cherry, Ginger Cherry, and Whey Cherry.  Trav and I sat down and had a bit of review session.  Here’s what we came up with:


The Tru Cherry is made with 50 cherries in every jar.  Both Travis and I really enjoyed the taste.  It wasn’t overpoweringly cherry, and almost reminded me of a Jolly Rancher.  It has a sort of tart kick to it that made me think I was sucking on a piece of candy!


The Skinny Cherry was also very tasty.  It is similar to the Tru Cherry flavor but not as tart.  It had less of a cherry taste but it didn’t seem watered down.  It was just the right amount of taste to make it quite tasty. This is the only juice that is not made with apple juice included.


The Ginger Cherry was my favorite of the five drinks.  As an avid gingerbread lover, I felt like it was Christmas in a bottle.  The mixture of ginger and cherry wasn’t strange, which I was unsure of at first.  Travis thought it smelled like teriyaki sauce which made him iffy at first.  But after tasting it, we both agreed that it was very good.


Up next was the Whey Cherry.  Travis and I both agreed that this was our least favorite of the five options as it was different than the others.  It was a little bit thicker than the juices, but that didn’t mean that it was bad.  It still had a good cherry flavor and is a great and different way to get 8 grams of protein in.


The last drink, Cacao Cherry, was awesome.  It tasted like chocolate covered cherries in a jar.  It even had little bits of real chocolate in it.  It was a great combination of sweet and fruity.  I feel as though this could be used as a dessert even.

Dr. Oz highlighted cheribundi on an episode of his show and mentioned three important health benefits of the juices: pain relief, sleep aid, and heart disease fighter.  With the amount of antioxidants, cheribundi is a winner in my book!

Not only did I get to drink some of the awesome juices, but one of my readers will, too! Cheribundi has offered for me to give some cheribundi to one of you!

In order to enter the cheribundi juice giveaway, head on to the Cheribundi website and leave a comment on this post with one thing you enjoy about the juice.

For other entries leave a comment telling me you’ve done the following (six total entries per person):

The giveaway winner will be announced Friday, May 25.  Best of luck!



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68 responses to “Cheribundi Review and Giveaway

  1. tonee78

    I love the natural.antiinflammmatory effect Cheribundi has plus 50 each bottle!

  2. tonee78

    I love the natural antoonflammatory effect a.great post run drink.

  3. tonee78

    I like Cheribundi on Facebook (Toni Church)

  4. tonee78

    I follow cheribundi on Twitter tonee78

  5. I learned that all but the Whey are vegan.

  6. I like Cheribundi on Facebook

  7. I had no idea that cherries had so many health benefits! Sure, I knew they were good for you, but WOW! All of the flavors sound delish!

  8. I follow Cheribundi on Twitter

  9. I like Life After Swimming on facebook!

  10. The nutrition facts look pretty great!

  11. jenpacker

    The thing that I’m most interested in, would be using Cheribundi as an anti inflammatory as I have ditched my Celebrex recently. I’ve heard tart cherry juice is really good for that and I’d love to try it. The chocolate one sounds really interesting!

  12. jenpacker

    I like you on Facebook!

  13. jenpacker

    I liked Cheribundi on Facebook as well!

  14. I tried Cheribundi for the first time at the rock n roll expo over the weekend. I thought that it was fabulous!

  15. Rachel

    I would like to try the chwhey once since I don’t eat a lot of protein 🙂 Also, like them and you on Facebook!!

  16. I learned this from the Cheribundi website…The phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals in cheribundi™ will keep you feeling great and living life to the fullest.

  17. I learned this from Cheribundi website: The phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals in cheribundi™ will keep you feeling great and living life to the fullest.

  18. Following Cheribundi on Twitter.

  19. Following you on Twitter.

  20. Wow this stuff looks incredible. I’ve been trying to do more run/walking and have lots of lower back pain so I’d love to win this and see if the anti-inflammatory properties would help. I also love how the juice packs 2 servings of fruits!

  21. Liked Cheribundi on Facebook

  22. michele malone

    I love the idea of ginger cherry juice. we’re already fans of cheribundi, but I’d love to try that one.

  23. michele malone

    I like cheribundi on facebook as michele malone

  24. michele malone

    I follow cheribundi on twitter as @lolamichele

  25. MikeA

    Love the tart cherry flavor!

  26. MikeA

    Followed and Liked!

  27. I’m dying to try the tart cherry flavor.

  28. kelie herrera

    I love the tartness of Cheribundi. Other cherry juices are sweet, but i love and CRAVE the tang of Cheribundi!

  29. I love how they have so many antioxidants!!

  30. 2 servings a of fruit !! thats pretty impressive!

  31. I follow you on twitter 🙂

  32. AndreaT

    I love the flavor! The Tru Cherry tastes like apple pie, but with much less guilt 🙂

  33. AndreaT

    I like Cheribundi on FB

  34. AndreaT

    I follow cheribundi on twitter (that’s how I learned of your giveaway!)

  35. AndreaT

    I follow you on twitter (thriftygrrrl)

  36. JosieW85250

    I love when the Cheribundi lady gives me a buy 3 get one free coupon so I can get more for the $$$. More TruCherry for your health!

  37. Travis

    I like you in real life!…and facebook

  38. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    This sounds like a great collection of flavours! Cool that you got to try such a range 🙂

  39. alw6ys

    FB fan / like cheribundi. My FB profile:

  40. alw6ys

    tweeted giveaway:

  41. Am i a supernerd because i love the packaging??

  42. I liked Cheribundi on FB 🙂

  43. And i liked you too! 😀

  44. I’m sure i’d like the juice because it might be slightly tart?

  45. i Like Life After Swimming on Facebook!!!:)

  46. liked you on FB 🙂

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  48. followed CB on twitter 🙂

  49. liked CB on facebook!

  50. tweeted! these juices look so GREAT!

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