Field Trip

Nothing beats taking a day completely off of work to head to Baltimore on an aquarium field trip!  Better yet, doing that all on a Monday.

That’s exactly what I did yesterday. Smile

I took the trip with the emotional support classroom in which I student taught/substitute taught throughout the past two school years.  And we had a blast!  I’ll be honest…I wasn’t entirely sure how a bunch of third to fifth grade students would do throughout an 11 hour day with over 4 hours on a bus, but all in all, it was a success!

Here are some of the friends we met:


Calypso, who still gets by even though she’s missing a fin!


Sharks and stingrays!


A sweet school of fishies


Tree snake


Blue poison dart frog


Dolphins doing some tricks Smile


Really long jellies!

And here’s a random group shot.  Everyone had homemade shirts with fish and sea creatures stamped and drawn on them.  They even made me one Smile


And since everyone was hungry and cranky on the way home (including adults!), we stopped at McDonald’s for some dinner.  I can’t tell you the last time I was in the place! I got their southwest chicken salad with Italian dressing, and it wasn’t that bad.  I liked the corn and black beans that were in it the best.  Also, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I had a few handfuls of fries, too. Ehh, life moves on.


As a swimmer, I love fish and aquatics, and the aquarium was a fabulous place! I think I could spend days there! 

What’s your favorite type of animals? Jungle, farm, ocean, etc…

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20 responses to “Field Trip

  1. Looks like fun! I went to Disney a few years ago, and just LOVED Sea World! I thought it was even better than all the rides at the other parks. P.S. You’ll definitely want to read my latest post 😉

  2. What a great time! I am counting the days (years?) until I get more vacation at work so I can enjoy a day here and there for some fun things like this.

    My favorite type of animal? Well it wouldn’t be snakes! I don’t even like looking at them in pictures – eeek. 😉 Love marsupials. Koalas have been my fav since I was tiny.

  3. Looks like a fun trip! I haven’t been to an aquarium in ages..

  4. I love sea horses! Glad you had a nice day and got to go the the aquarium!! 🙂 the pictures are really awesome.

  5. How fun!! My favorite zoo animal has always been the panda bears. I seriously think they are so cute!

  6. I am terrified to go near water, but the aquarium is hands down my favorite place. I like the zoo too, but any where you can pet a sting ray is two thumbs up in my book. 🙂 My favorite so far is the one in Newport, KY!

  7. but seriously….how to snakes curl up on a tree like that??

  8. Love the animals in the ocean! I guess that is no surprise, since I love everything about swimming and the water. (and one of my favorite movies is finding nemo 🙂 haha)

  9. aw i was just in inner harbor last week! but sadly didn’t go to the aquarium! some day soon

  10. OMG I want that fin-less turtle! HOW adorable! This trip looks like so much fun.

  11. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    What a brilliant day! How cool 🙂

  12. I love going to aquariums, I like all the bright colors of fish. 🙂

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