Another Running and Reading Long Installment

Back again with part 2 of the Running and Reading Long posts based around Kara Goucher’s book, Running for Women.  Part one can be found here.

This week’s prompt was to select one thing from the book that I’d like to focus on with training in the upcoming week. Obviously, I have decided to stick to my injury-free focus.  Some ways in which I really hope to incorporate pain-free running is to get out on the awesome Rail Trail dirt path in Shippensburg.  One thing Kara mentions is that running on softer surfaces reduces the pounding in the legs.  Aka I need to take advantage of the trail more often! Also, as always, I am going to listen to my body.  This past week, I only got one run in because of the way I felt during/after the run.  Listening is the best way to prevent further injury as well. More stretching will also be something I focus on as I am leaving physical therapy and having to do it on my own.  I was really good at stretching during PT, and I have to make sure to continue this! And I wish I could take Kara’s advice to get massages, but I just can’t afford that stuff! In my dreams, though…

An awesome picture of the Rail Trail!

The second part of the prompt is to choose a quote from the book that I found especially insightful.  Kara quotes a lot of different things throughout the book. 

“God has given me the ability.  The rest is up to me.  Believe. Believe. Believe….”

I LOVE this quote by Billy Mills (just as I love being able to put a name to a face, hence the picture above circa 1964).  Not only does this apply to running, but it also is so relatable to life in general.  My life in particular right now revolves around this quote.  I seriously am considering blowing this quote up and framing it.  Put faith in yourself and your dreams, and the rest will happen if only you believe!

And although I mentioned it earlier, this week’s training just included one run.  It did include a swim, cross-training and strength training, though! Better than nothing, right?!  I hope to get another run in either later today or tomorrow.

Also, don’t forget about the Twitchat tonight  at 9 EST using #runreadlong.  I am going to be at Trav’s house so I may not be able to join this week Sad smile.  But I will do my best.  It may just be on my phone if anything!



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14 responses to “Another Running and Reading Long Installment

  1. I think it’s great that you got out for a run. Just having been able to get out there is an accomplishment.

    The trail in the picture looks beautiful!

    One thing I’m sort of struggling with us which voice I listen to when I listen to my body. Is it the one that says “Take it easy, you don’t want to I jute yourself” or the one that says “Tske it easy, this running stuff is hard. You should sleep in tomorrow”. That last voice has a funny way of making itself sound like the first one!

  2. I think stretching is my favorite part, do I do it like I should? No :(. It dies make me feel so much better though. Have a great day!

  3. I was doing really well with the whole stretching thing for a while.. and then I fell off the bandwagon. It is so important and I can definitely feel a difference in my body.

    As far as massages go.. I am on the same page as yoU! Whenever I do treat myself.. (Maybe once a year)…they always tell me how tight my muscles are and that I should come twice a month. Yeah. Okay.

    I did however.. just score a 90 minute massage through a groupon. WOO!

  4. I’m awful when it comes to stretching, so it’s my main goal over the next month before I start training for another race. Even getting out one time is great! Sometimes, you just need to back off so that you don’t burn out or get injured. Plus, you did other workouts 🙂

  5. I want to try trail running! I might have to with marathon training starting soon, but I just can’t get in the “running” mood. Also, that quote is awesome- I love it!

  6. I struggle with finding locations that aren’t mostly pavement as well. There is a paved path near my house so I always try to run on the grass that is lining the path every other lap! It definitely helps!

  7. Stacy

    I have limited massage benefits – so I take advantage of the foam roller at the gym. Didn’t think it would make a difference, but it really, really does!

  8. i definitely need to start stretching! i end up hurting frequently after runs because i don’t. that trail looks so pretty!

  9. I’m with you on the sports massages, I wish I could get one all the time but they are so expensive! I also need to stretch more, I admit I slack a little bit in that area. Whoops!

  10. I love it. I wish sports massages weren’t so expensive. I also need to stretch-Tim keeps telling me that…I don’t listen….nothing new. 😉

    My only goal as well is to stay injury free!

  11. YEA for ur run!!! 🙂 great sharing from Kara’s book to, it’s some really important info people need to heard/read/learn..she’s battled some brutal injuries but she is someone who always handles them like a champ. 🙂

  12. Sometimes I REALLY struggle with stretching after a run – I don’t know why, it only takes a few minutes and I know how important it is to stay injury free, but I definitely need a reminder every once in a while!

    How is your new place?

  13. Great job listening to your body! And for doing the cross training – this is one of my weakest areas of training. From what I can tell, I think the running won’t be that far behind once your injury is fully healed since you are staying in shape.

    Oh yeah, that quote is awesome!!

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