Food Stories Award and Giveaway Winner!

Howdy, and happy Friday!  I hope that most of you get to enjoy a long Memorial Day weekend just as I do! Smile

This is just a “tying loose ends” post, but sometimes it just needs to be done!

Throughout the week, the ever so lovely Kath nominated me for the Food Stories Award.  Kath is awesome. I met her through Foodie Pen Pals and seriously stalk love her blog and her personality.

There are a few requirements in order to accept the nomination.  I have to say one random thing about me:

I can’t be around jelly beans without devouring every single one.  They can be cheap-o jelly beans, and I still can’t resist.  The only type I can’t stand are the black licorice ones.  Those get sent right to my mama, who for some reason loves them. GROSS.

I also have to nominate 5 other people for the award.  Here goes!

Brittany at Itty Bits of Balance

Farrah at Fairy Healthy Life

Tessa at Amazing Asset

Kristen at Livin’ Life in Louie

Brittany at Blissful Britt

A panel of judges checks all of the nominations and decides a winner from there.  So, if you were nominated, head over to the site to get your name entered Smile.

And now for the part that most of you have been waiting for: the cheribundi giveaway winner.


Thanks to, number 28 seems to be lucky today.


Congrats, Ali! Send your address to me and I will forward it on to Cheribundi!

Trav and I are off to Bethany Beach in Delaware for the weekend.  Hope you all have nice weather Smile.



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10 responses to “Food Stories Award and Giveaway Winner!

  1. Thank you for the nomination Nikki!! 🙂 oh and can I give a HECK YES to your random jelly bean fact!? I am the same way, candy like that is my ultimate weakness!! If we were in the room together, I would fight you for them 😉 hehe

  2. Jelly beans are my favorite! Oh my gosh, now I’m craving them…at 8:00…no big deal.

  3. Have a great Memorial Weekend vacation!

  4. Jelly beans are awesome! But I hate white/purple ones. Have a great weekend!

  5. You just made my day!! THANK YOU! This has to be the best award I’ve gotten.

  6. Food Stories

    Congrats on your nomination! Too bad you’re a no go for the licorice jelly beans … I love them!

  7. I know what you mean about jelly beans! They are seriously addicting!!

  8. I rarely have jelly beans but when I do, they are surprisingly hard to stop eating!

  9. ittybitsofbalance

    Aw, thanks for the nomination 😀

    That’s hilarious– MY mom loves black licorice jelly beans too!!! She always turns down all the other flavors, but makes me save the black ones for her haha

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