WIAW from the Beach

Being at the beach all weekend, I tried to squeeze in as many pictures of food as possible – but sometimes, it just wasn’t the first thing on my mind! Thanks to Jenn, here are the captured eats from the trip Smile

On the way to the beach, we stopped at IHOP! YUM, I freaking love it there! I ordered the SIMPLE & FIT Two x Two x Two which had scrambled egg substitute with two buttermilk pancakes and two strips of turkey bacon.  The menu said it was 400 calories, with some syrup…not too bad!


This is what we had for lunch each day.  Beach picnic! I had pulled BBQ chicken on a flatbread, Trav had turkey.  We each had an apple and some chips and pretzels.  Perfect beach lunch!


Dinner the one day was easy chicken parm and pasta. Yum Smile


My favorite thing on the Bethany Beach boardwalk: shaved ice.  This is something I MUST get every time I am there.  They have a never-ending list of delicious flavors. I got the kiddie size with half cake batter and half cotton candy flavored, topped with marshmallow fluff.  AHHH sticky heaven on a hot day Smile  (You can partially see my burns in this picture, which I swear have now turned purple Sad smile)


We stopped a WaWa on the way home.  Now, I am a Sheetz girl through and through.  And those of you from PA may know the epic Sheetz/ WaWa battle.  But this sandwich was pretty darn tasty.  Chicken, cheese, lettuce, veggies, and ketchup on a wheat roll. Yum!

Happy WIAW!

Do you have any places or restaurants that you HAVE to go to while on vacations?



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35 responses to “WIAW from the Beach

  1. haha we didn’t have Wawa or Sheetz in Ohio so I was so confused when I moved to Virginia and people were talking about getting food at a gas station!! haha

  2. I was just saying that I need to get my first water ice of the season!

  3. We haven’t developed a “regular” vacation schedule.. but as a child, we would go to LBI every summer. We would ALWAYS have to get ice cream from Scoops. It was the cutest little shop!!

  4. fairyhealthylife

    How fun! I love Ihop’s simple & fit menu. It’s very easy when they list the calorie stats. I wish more restaurants would follow.

    • I agree! Actually, where my sister lives in Maryland, it’s a law that restaurants have to post nutrition on their menus. Also, you have to pay for plastic or paper bags in stores to get people to go green!

  5. healthcraved

    what the heck is WaWa??

  6. How fun!
    Beach picnics are the best!!

  7. I didn’t spend the weekend at the beach, but I’m incredibly sunburnt, too!

  8. this looks delicious! and don’t you love planning a picnic lunch at the beach!?!? that was one of my favorite things when we went to Fort Morgan. (ps. we should have a blog meet up at the beach!)

  9. I swear I only eat Greek food when I’m on vaykay. Every Greek place-I’m there!

  10. Shaved ice is one of my favorite summer treats!

  11. Wawa= true love. Seriously, it has such good food- the sandwiches especially!

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  13. My only vacation “must” is eating locally as much as possible. I love asking shopkeepers or random “natives” what the best local food is!

  14. I live in MD, and we don’t have Sheetz or WaWa.. But Sheetz is definitely nice for when we drive thru PA for me to go to school. On every vacation, I have to eat chocolate from some special place. 🙂

  15. So I’m basically obsessed with Chipotle and always want to eat there. Haha. When I’m back in WI, I just need to eat somewhere with good cheese!

  16. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    Your beach picnic looks pretty cool!

  17. Yum! Anywhere new I go I have to try a pizza place.

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