Double Reveal Day

Geez Louise, I have a lot to cram into today’s post!

First, because it’s Thursday, I have another Running and Reading Long post to bring to you today! Thanks to the awesome Laura for this! This week is a little different than the rest.  Instead of focusing on the book we were reading, we have a little freedom to research something related to running that we want to learn more about.

I decided to look into shin splint prevention.  I have a habit of constantly being injured (gahhh), and I can always feel lingering shin splints on the insides of both shins.  The main thing I learned involves the relationship between the calves and shins. Often, there is an imbalance between the muscles in the calves and shins. Runners often have sore, overworked calves and weaker shins, which causes shin splints.  After looking into it, it seems as though the shin pain in the inside of the shin is considered posterior shin splints.  These indicate irritation of the posterior tibialis muscle (inner side of the tibia), which decelerates the pronation of the foot after heel-strike. (Info from  This would be what I feel as though I have.  Once shin splints are felt, the best remedies are rest, icing, stretching and strengthening exercises, and anti-inflammatories.  Not healing them can lead to stress fractures…which are obviously NO BUENO!

To prevent shin splints from happening altogether, a few stretches and exercises can be done.  The following exercises, courtesy of Rick Braver, D.P.M., will help prevent shin splints:

  • Stand with your heels together and toes pointed out. Slowly raise up onto your toes and lower yourself back down. Repeat 10 times.
  • Stand with your big toes together and heels far apart. Slowly raise up onto your toes, then lower yourself back down. Repeat 10 times.

This video shows EXACTLY where my pain is.  This guy knows what’s up.

With proper strengthening and support, shin splints can be conquered! I’m going to go do some strengthening moves right after this!

An update on training: I am up to about 3 miles two times a week, but I don’t want to push it and continue injury myself! I have been doing a lot of swimming, walking, and other crosstraining instead.

Now one to the second part of this post: the Foodie Penpals reveal!


Thanks to the lovely Lora (one of my sweat pink sisters!) I got an awesome box with perfect summer snacks! I LOVE trail mixes and all things fruity Smile Plus, I have heard great things about that skinny pop! I am so excited to chow down on ALL of it!

The Lean Green Bean

If you want to join the monthly food penpal exchange, head over to Lindsay’s blog. She is incredible and sets this up each month! Thanks, Lindsay!

Phew, well if any of you are still reading, I give you credit Smile .  Happy Thursday to you all!

What’s your favorite summer food?

Any shin splint advice?



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29 responses to “Double Reveal Day

  1. Hope your shin splints feel better soon – I have a friend who has them and it definitely can’t be a fun thing that’s for sure!

    My favorite summer food? I have 2 – pasta salad and watermelon

  2. These are great tips! Thank you for sharing (and researching)! Your Foodie PenPals box looks divine!

  3. MMM that food looks amazing.

    Let your shin splits rest. Ice and wear calf sleeves. My biggest recommendations. Last thing you need is to get a stress fracture. That was the worst pain of my life!

  4. I have a HUGE problem with anterior shin splints. The pain gets so bad sometimes I can barely hobble. I’ve found the best stretch is to place your foot against the wall and gently move closer to the wall. It takes a little practice to find the angle that really gets the shin, but when you find it you know. Every time I do that before a walk, the shin pain is minimal. Night and day difference.

  5. Oh no! Feel better soon girl! Every month when I see bloggers post their foodie penpals I think to myself – I need to jump on that bandwagon. Your food looks so good!

  6. healthcraved

    so glad you posted about shin splints! I always get them on the other side of my shin, so the upper part of the front of my leg that is closer to my pinky toe, not my big toe (so I’m not sure if that’s a shin split?…)

  7. Love this! I always had shin splints on the inside of my calves too. Barefoot running cured it for me… Not felt even a hint of shin splints in over a year and a half! 😀

    • I totally would run barefoot around here if there wasn’t glass all over the streets! And I am trying to save up money for vibrams or some other sort of minimalist shoe in hopes that it helps!

      • awesome! It took me a long time to transition but SO worth it 🙂 You can find some styles of vibrams as cheap as $30-$50 if you hunt around and they happen to have your size… I got my favorite kind for $35 so I have two pairs!

  8. Stacy

    I’ve had shin splints from walking! Yup, when I first started working out. I’ve been shin splint free for several years now (knock on wood), but I am pretty careful about increasing distance and speed slowly.

  9. I love this, as I am prone to shin pain. Thanks for sharing exercises that I can actually figure out. LOL

  10. My best shin splint advice is to do heel raises. Stand on flat footed, slowly stretch up to just on your toes and then slowly back down. Good luck trying to work it out, but it will!


  12. Dohh I hope the shin splints get better Nikki, those are just the WORST, hurt so dang much! I agree with Anna about the heel raises too, the simple exercise alleviated some pain for me

  13. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    That’s really useful information about shin splints – I am prone to shin pain but never know exactly what it is or what to do with it, other than the heel raises. I should really be more on top of it!

    Looks like a great selection of food too 😀

  14. I love the two trail mixes!!

  15. Feel better!! And all of those healthy snacks look AMAZING!

  16. I just about died when I had shin splints! It took forever to feel better!

  17. Ughh! I struggled a lot with shin splints last summer! Aren’t they the worst?? stretching really does help though – i really like the one where you try to “write the alphabet” with your toes!

  18. Thanks for sharing this great info! I knew nothing about shin splints before this great post–I am excited to try these exercises!

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