Washington Weekend

As many of you may have seen, this weekend I ran the first 5k that I’ve done in YEARS.  Not only was it the first in years, it was the longest distance I’ve run since starting physical therapy in February and my first global Komen race.  All in all, a success…especially because I got under 30 minutes.  Not even CLOSE to my 5k (about 5 minutes off actually…oops), but still a monumental race in many ways.

One thing I learned about the race, though, is that I need to not care about running.  My injury isn’t completely healed, and running isn’t the only thing I should focus on.  Considering my next event that I have signed up for is a 65 mile bike ride, I should probably focus on cycling.  And then after that, I have a triathlon…aka I need to swim, too! I actually don’t have ANY more events that are just running…so it’s not life or death if I take the focus away from running for a while.  Probably in my best interest.

Ok, back to the weekend, though.  While I was visiting my sister in the DC area, we also did a few other things in the city.  Since the race was over before 9 and we didn’t have brunch reservations until 11, we first sat on a monument (which we don’t really know what it is…) and people watched.  Some parents just don’t have control over their kids! Bahahah. Some tourists are whack.  I can kinda say I’m not a tourist because I worked at the Library of Congress for a summer.


Off to the leftish with the gold on top is the monument we spent a bit of time on.  Great location for people watching!  If you have any clue what the monument is called, please enlighten me.

After spying on crazies, we headed to a random museum that we passed.  I just love that Smithsonian museums are free. Smile I love museums!!!!



There was an awesome piece there called Game Fish.  From a distance, it looks like this:


But upon further inspection, it is so much more awesome:


And then it was off to brunch, but I think I am going to make you wait until What I Ate Wednesday for that one.  I know, I know, I’m mean. I’m cool with it. Winking smile

On the way to eat, though, there are these awesome buildings that are deemed historic and can’t be torn down.  In lieu of removing them, they’ve simply built around them.  I think it is awesome.


In other news: I finally, finally, FINALLY was able to upgrade my phone and went from my less than reliable old phone to an iPhone! Still figuring out some of the details, but starting to fall in love!

Tell me about YOUR weekend.  Also, if you have iPhone tips or any must download apps, please let me know! Smile



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32 responses to “Washington Weekend

  1. healthcraved

    congrats on your 5k! and holy moly–65 mile bike ride? I would definitely focus on that! I personally don’t feel cut out to focus on running, or do more than 5k’s. My knees start acting up when I run too much (I probably have bad form) so I prefer to focus on sprint triathlons, and even masters swim meets—SO FUN!

  2. yayy congrats on a comeback 5k! I think you definitely have the right attitude about how to approach running while still dealing with the injury. So awesome! It looks like you had a great weekend. I LOVE DC!

  3. I got an iPhone this weekend too! 🙂 I used to have a Droid & I’m already obsessed with the iPhone! I can’t believe I held out for so long.

  4. I love DC and I love museums. It is such a great city, I really want to go back, but I don’t think my husband would enjoy it as much as me. That is really cool that you worked in the Library of Congress for a summer!

    I think that a tri is perfect for you since you are good at swimming. Focusing on other things while you continue to heal is a good thing.

  5. 65 miles!! Agh!! What a fun day! 🙂 How cool that you worked at the Library of Congress. I love history, so I would love to go to DC one day 🙂

  6. Major congrats on the 5K and that is an amazing time. I’ve long had a goal to do a 5K in 30min.

    That game fish is awesome – I love all the details and points of interest. You could probably look at it 100 times and always find something new.

  7. Nice job on the 5k!!!

    And YAY For the iphone!!!! There are so many fun apps, you’re going to love it!

  8. Good for you with the race! I loveee my iPhone and know you will love yours, too! I have ‘Words with Friends’ and ‘Instagram’ I absolutely love Instagram!

  9. Congrats on the 5k! It looks like you had fun in DC 🙂 I know you’ll love the iPhone.. I’m obsessed with mine! I hope you’ve downloaded the WordPress app.. If not, definitely do! Also, Nike Training Club is AWESOME for strength training.

  10. Congrats on the 5k! Looks like you had a great weekend in DC 🙂

  11. Iphone apps I love: Nike+, Pandora and myfitnesspal. Congrats on your 5k!

  12. Your 5K looked like so much fun!! I’m loving all the pink everywhere 🙂

    That game fish is SO cool and also the building around those brick houses. So cool!

  13. YAYAYA iPhone! I had a terrible phone for YEARS and refused to get a “smart phone” until my old phone finally died. I now love my iPhone!

  14. I love DC- glad you had such a fun weekend! My must have iPhone apps are- Shazam, mapmyrun, pandora, yelp and the free pedometer. So many to choose from though! Have fun playing with your new phone!

  15. a 65 mile bike ride? Excuse me??

    I haven’t done a 5k in 6 months and running my first one this weekend…should be interesting. 😉

  16. congrats on your 5k, that’s awesome! i did my first last year and am really wanting to do another soon! 🙂

  17. looks like such a fun weekend!

    my favorite iPhone apps are instagram, Pinterest, snapchat, gmail, picframe, nike+ GPS, and the starbucks app (i have a gold card and the app makes it easy to track the balance on it! i also go there so much it probably should embarrass me… hahaha)

  18. GREAT JOB on ur race and for ur braveness for getting back to the distance!! 🙂 awesome perspective on running too, the biggest factor to anything u do is remaining healthy enough to actually DO it, so when running’s not an option i’m so happy u have found others that make u just as excited to partake! and looks like the rest of ur weekend was a blast!

  19. You are going to loooove your iPhone! For games I just play Words with Friends and Scramble. Pandora is amazing for music. Then there’s instagram which is my new love. I use log your run to track my running.There are tons of great apps out there for businesses like banks, Starbucks, Domino’s Pizza, etc. that I like too!

  20. The Renwick Gallery is one of my favorite places ever. I have a tote with the Game Fish on it, because I love it so!

  21. I LOVE that they have built around historic buildings! How cool looking!!

  22. You are a beast!! 65 miles on a bike, then a triathlon?!?! You are my idol! I LOVE that they built around those historic buildings…it looks so weird!

  23. I completely jealous of your iphone. I would LOVE to have one…maybe one day. Also that fish is so cool- how creative!

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