Reading and Running Long Week 5

After a week off of  reading, this week’s Running and Reading Long post revolves around a new book: Second Wind by Cami Ostman.

Oh me, oh my.  I absolutely ADORED this book. Cami’s story talks about how her life was in shambles after a divorce.  It took running for her to find her true self and all of the things she wants in life.  And guess what, she also sets a goal to run a marathon on EVERY continent.

For this weeks prompt, we were given two questions to answer.  Here goes!

1.  Did Cami Ostman’s story cause you to think differently about running?  If yes, why and how?

Cami’s story is so inspirational.  It definitely helped put running in perspective for me.  Oftentimes, because so many bloggers and friends of mine are phenomenal runners, I feel as though I am not “good” enough to be a runner. I barely run 10 minute miles, when some of my friends can almost run twice that fast.  But Cami’s story reminded me that running is more than just a time or pace.  Her pace seems very comparable to mine.  But she makes it known that running is something that can help you find yourself.  You can be alone with just your thoughts and your motivations.  Running can help form a person into his or her true self.  Just because you run 10 minute miles doesn’t mean that you can’t hope for a marathon.  This quote kind of summarizes what I took away from the book in regard to running:

“The beating of their instruments had told me something I needed to her: that I’d turned myself into something I wanted to be.  I was a whole person “sure, with plenty of scars and a lot of room left to grow), and I was a runner (sure, a slow one who wouldn’t win any prizes anytime soon, but still…).”

That’s Cami and Bill, her second husband who encouraged her to run

2.  Did Cami Ostman’s story cause you to think differently about life?  If yes, why and how?

Cami’s story taught me a lot about doing things for yourself, not to make others happy.  Cami talks about sticking in a bad relationship in order to make others happy.  She mentions staying in the same lifestyle because that’s what she thought was expected from her through her religion and the people she associated with.  One thing that I definitely felt from this book is the importance of living life for yourself.  Sure, you should be considerate and helpful, but life is meant to be lived for yourself not for others.  It’s ok to do things for yourself.  Find the things and people that make you happy.  You will learn a lot about yourself when you let go and let yourself become overtaken by what you already have.  It’s about time I start taking some of this advice to heart!

As always, here’s a little training recap.  After my 5k this past week, I have decided to take the focus away from running.  I was able to run the whole thing, but I also recognized that my hips are not fully healed.  I am going to scale back the running, and up the swimming, biking, ellipticalling, and strength work.

Please, if you’re looking for a good running or motivating book, I highly recommend you read Second Wind. It’s inspirational and humorous and a great summer read.

If you want to chat more about it, join the Twitchat at 9 EST using #runreadlong.  Unfortunately, I’ll be on a flight to Georgia and will have to miss the chat this week.  Sad smile

And if you haven’t already, head over to my PB Crave Giveaway! I know you won’t regret it!



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9 responses to “Reading and Running Long Week 5

  1. Ah your peanut butter giveaway is so exciting! I like that you are taking the process one step at a time. Scaling back should help your hips (I hope!).

  2. Love that you found that picture and the quote is perfect! Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. This book sounds awesome!! I love that you are doing the PB giveaway, I just posted about mine. That company is awesome.

  4. I love inspirational books! So glad you enjoyed this. 🙂

  5. this sounds like a great book! and to learn to live life in the moment and for yourself, can be really hard sometimes.

  6. This sounds like a really good book!

  7. Oh yes, I agree – this book and I really connected! I felt the same as you did about pace and celebrating it rather than seeing it as something we should be ashamed of. For me this was the final barrier I needed to break through to start to LOVE running again!

    Awesome that you have amped up your swimming! I joined the YMCA last week because of you! Thanks for the inspiration!

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