A Week of Workouts

I guess I don’t mention it much on the blog, but I do work out! I promise! I gotta Sweat Pink, of course!

Since I don’t often recap my workouts, I figured I would fill you in.  My summer goal is to get my butt back in shape, and this week, I had a lot of motivation to do so.  The bad thing is that the hours of my gym and pool just don’t fit into my schedule very well! The gym’s only open from 12-5 on weekends, and 11-9 during the week. As for the pool, sometimes it is open from 12-2, sometimes it’s not.  I found that out the hard way this week.

Sunday: Tone it up goddess workout.  It took about 45 minutes

Monday: 7 mile bike ride, and a workout from the Nike Training Club app

Tuesday: had a swim workout planned, but went and the pool was closed.  Due to frustration, I just did a quick 15 minute Nike Training workout called Cardio Killer.  The name is exactly how the workout was.

Wednesday: 75 minutes on the elliptical – it ended up being like 7.68 miles or something

Thursday: Early morning Jillian Michael DVD sweat sesh before work.  Since we flew yesterday, it was the only time I knew I could get something in. Even if it only was 20 minutes

Friday: Rest day!!!

Not really sure what the weekend will hold since it’s not a regular weekend.  Oh well, I’d rather enjoy the time with my family than anything else!

I definitely want to thank Chelsea for recommending the Nike Training Club app.  The workouts are really intense and great.  Most of them are 30 minutes or less and have you sweating like whoa.  This is me after only 15 minutes.


Yep, nast.

Well, there you have it! I do work out.  If you want to follow my workouts a little more closely, friend me on Daily Mile.  I try to update it as often as possible!



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12 responses to “A Week of Workouts

  1. Looks like you worked hard this week! I love JM videos when you’re pressed for time.

  2. I love the Tone It Up workouts, because you can do as many or as often as you want. So if I only have 20 minutes, I can squeeze in a good workout, or I can do more circuits for longer!

  3. Great workouts!!! I love the Nike training app so much :). They have some really tough workouts on there. It has a tabata feel to it :).

  4. Yayyyy I’m so glad you enjoy NTC! It’s like my favourite thing to do when I’m bored with my workout and need something new.. Because there are SO many workouts on there! Great week girl 🙂 You’re gonna be super fit in no time!

  5. Nike training club workouts are beastly. Holy toledo, I sort of fear them a little. Way to get your sweat on!!!

  6. Nice job this week! You’ve definitely been sweating pink it sounds like!

  7. healthcraved

    wow! I’ll have to check out the nike training club! sorry about your pool frustrations–that is the most annoying thing about the sport–odd pool hours

  8. what weird times for a gym?!!? I have to work out as early as possible, otherwise it just won’t happen. This week I have really been kicking booty (I actually might have pulled my butt muscle hahaha) AANYYWAYY. way to get back in the groove!

  9. Kelly @ My love affair with running

    Impressive workout schedule! I like how you use DVDs and apps to lead you.. It is a great way to add structure and motivation!

  10. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    Sounds like a great week of workouts! I’ll have to look up that app – I hadn’t heard of it but it sounds like a great way to increase the intensity of work outs.

  11. Dohh the annoying pool hours is well… annoying! Your workout schedule is quite impressive though Nikki, great job!

  12. Yes-the reason I don’t swim more is because of the pool hours. Great workouts though girl!

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