Summer Excitement

As you can probably tell, I’ve been having a great summer so far.  I’ve gone to Bethany Beach.  I’ve gone to Washington, D.C.  I’ve spent time with family and friends. And I am currently visiting family in Georgia.  I have other trips planned for the summer, but there are so many other things little things that I am totally excited about, too.

Seeing Fun. in concert next weekend.  I am so pumped for this.  I saw them last summer, and I have also been addicted to Nate Ruess since his band The Format was introduced to me in about ninth grade. They just released their new music video this week:

Jam on Walnut which is basically beer and bands to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and it takes place in Pittsburgh. It happens a few times throughout the summer, so if you’re in the area, you should DEFINITELY check it out!

– Seeing Dark Knight Rises in July. Did anyone else see Christian Bale adorably tearing up over Heath Ledger at the Movie Awards?  Ahhh I almost lost it.

– Taking my summer class and getting even CLOSER to completing my graduate program in December! Is anyone else a huge nerd and enjoy learning and school??

Seeing Magic Mike just to stare at Channing Tatum and Matthew McConaughey.

– Getting back into swimming, running, AND biking shape! Which might be hard due to the pool hours this summer.  I tried to swim one day this week at the normal pool hours, but they were closed.  And all next week, the hours occur while I am working.  Looks like I’m taking an unplanned 2 week hiatus from the pool. Oops.

Oftentimes, I forget how much the little things make my life so much happier.  Do you have any exciting little things planned? The little things make the big things even greater!

I am also excited for one of you to win the PB Crave giveaway, which is still open until Monday Winking smile.



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9 responses to “Summer Excitement

  1. I’m so jealous you’re seeing Fun. in concert!! I have been stalking their tour schedule this summer 🙂

  2. I’m quite excited about seeing Dark Knight Rises. Heath Ledger was one of my favorite actors. I still miss him.

  3. So jealous of all your fun/vacations!!

  4. Oh Christian Bale is SO hot. Im so bummed this is his last batman movie!! Def going to be seeing it 🙂

  5. healthcraved

    that must be crazy exciting to be so close to graduation!! and you’re right about little things making your week. yesterday I met up with an old friend and we meant to go get lunch but just started talking and 3 hours later realized we forgot to eat so we had froyo for lunch 🙂 gotta love it

  6. I am so jealous you are seeing Fun. They almost played at my school but our STUPID music board president didn’t like them so he refused to let them play. I’m not doing much this summer.. Just going to MN for my grandpa’s 80th and racing!

  7. summer is so fun with things like concerts and outdoor events to plan!

  8. I had no idea you were in Georgia right now. Stalker fail. I really want to see Magic Mike too-it looks so good!

  9. that sounds like a lot of fun! I want to see those movies as well. I usually wait to they come to redbox though. And channing tatum is one good looking guy

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