Running and Reading Long

Second Wind has been my favorite Running and Reading Long book to date.  I briefly mentioned some things about the book last week, but this week, I’m here to tell you a little about the seven monumental marathons that Cami Ostman completed. Also, I’ll tell you what I learned through Cami’s experiences!

As I mentioned, Cami challenged herself to a marathon on each of the seven continents.  Talk about a huge goal to accomplish and complete!

For this week’s prompt, we are to touch on each of the marathons! I’ll start from where she started!

1. Europe: Cami’s first marathon was in Prague.  Unfortunately, her and her (now) husband, Bill, misread the start time and began late.  They ended up cutting a corner through the course which means that they didn’t complete the whole marathon.  They did, though, go back and complete the part that they had missed.  Cami needed Bill to help push her through this marathon.  She had a tough time with it, but learned that she IS capable of completing a marathon.  It was a mental struggle, but she made it through! She learned that pain during a marathon is going to happen, and it takes a good mental state to truck through it.  From this marathon, it was great to see that anyone can complete a marathon with enough focus, motivation, and support.  It’s definitely a goal of mine Smile

2. Australia: Marathon number two for Cami was the Mudgee Marathon in Australia.  The first marathon for Cami was done side by side with Bill.  But for this marathon, she ran alone so that he could run his faster pace.  She learned to battle her own thoughts and push herself without a companion there to push her. She was slower than the main herd of runners, and she even got lost at one point.  But she finished the race hand in hand with Bill as he found her to cross together.  Through this marathon, I really learned about the mental toughness of runners.  Running can bring some challenging thoughts to the surface, especially if there isn’t a running buddy for distraction.  Runners must really work for mental toughness.

3. North America: Next marathon to check off the list was in Whidbey Island, Washington.  This was a bigger race; even Dean Karnazes was there.  Cami was starting to get EXCITED to run marathons.  Her motto was to take each moment as it came, and to not let the weather, mental thoughts, or other runners stand in her way of her goal.  She found some running buddies along the way, and she also had fun with it.  She ran some of the race with Mel: a 75+ year old maniac marathoner who had run at that time 331 marathons.  This one once again showed me that ANYONE can be a marathoner with the right training, dedication, and love for the sport. How inspiring is Mel??

4. Asia: Tateyama, Japan was the location of the Asian marathon that Cami and Bill completed.  Cami used this race to find herself.  She was able to let go of a lot of her past and insecurities and find who she was.  She gained an inner rhythm that pushed her to her first sub 5 hour marathon (4:52).  This race showed me that you can’t let bad races put you down.  Always work toward a goal no matter what happens on the way to get you there.  Cami had been disappointed by prior races, but this one showed her that sticking to her goal will pay off in the end.

5. Africa: Just north of Cape Town, South Africa, Cami and Bill completed their fifth marathon.  Cami ran this marathon with a horrible stomach bug.  She was even advised NOT to run it, but did anyway.  She needed to prove to herself that she could do it.  Plus, it was practically her one shot to reach her worldly marathon goal.  This marathon proved to me that I shouldn’t make excuses with my workouts.  I can still do something even on the most horrible days.

6. South America: Ahhh I would love to go to Rio de Janeiro!! Cami met some friends through this race who supported her to the end.  Running can be a team sport if you support and encourage others to be their best. 

7. Antarctica: And the last race was the hardest! Cami and Bill almost didn’t get to go to this race.  The waiting list for the 2 hosted marathons on the continent were years long, and Cami and Bill went through a LOT to create their own “marathon”.  They found some other maniac marathoners to join them, and they honestly ran a 2k back and forth into the wee hours of the night until they had completed their goal.  This just taught me to never give up no matter how much you have to push or jump through loopholes to get to where you want to be.

Persistence, motivation, and courage can get you a long way.  Cami definitely had all three, and she found them from running.

Unfortunately, I’ve had to let running fall away because of my hips.  But I did get my bike all fixed up for the season, and took it out for a 20 mile ride last night.  I LOVE riding, and I totally forgot how much until last night.

Love it! I love riding in Shippensburg and taking random roads to see where they take me!

Alright, well, join me as I host the Twitchat for Running and Reading long tonight at 9 EST.  I am pretty excited for it Smile.  Just look for #runreadlong!

Have you been inspired from someone else’s running story or a book of any sort?



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6 responses to “Running and Reading Long

  1. wow that is great. Your take too many rides and you’ll end up in Chambersburg. 😉 I think that the second marathon would be the hardest going and running it by yourself after doing it with someone else.

  2. I’m always inspired when I read bloggers’ race recaps. Always makes me wish I had some 10K, 1/2 marathon, or full marathon excitement to share. One day! How cool would it be to travel all over like that doing marathons? Congrats on the bike trek – fantastic!!

  3. healthcraved

    wow–I didn’t even know it was possible to run a marathon in antarctica–that is truly amazing! glad you’re enjoying your bike. I need to hop back on mine!

  4. Great bike ride! I need to ride outside more now that it is nice. I haven’t heard of Second Wind before, but now I might have to add it to my summer reading list. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Marie

    Awesome post!

  6. katiemoves

    Ooo yay for biking! I love it so much… I love it even more cause I stay pretty much injury free and no achy knees or feet!

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