Happy Father’s Day and Happy Weekend to all!

I spent majority of the weekend completely unplugged from my computer and enjoying life.  I was in Pittsburgh for the majority of the weekend, and just got back to Shippensburg not too long ago.  Now that I’m plugged back in, I figured I’d show you what I was up to!

Friday, Travis and I got to my parents’ house fairly early.  We joined my mom for lunch at Eat’n Park.  I adore Eat’n Park Smile.  I stuck to my usual: soup and salad bar!


And somehow, I resisted an awesome Pirates smiley cookie!


We then went home, rested up, and headed downtown for dinner at Jerome Bettis’ Grille 36.



We split some nachos, and they were amazing.  We couldn’t even finish them! I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone in the Pittsburgh area!


We walked by the water for a bit before heading to wait in line for the fun. concert.


The concert was fantastic.  Ahhh so good! I love them so much Smile



After the concert, we headed out with some of my friends for my friend Emma’s birthday. 


I very rarely get to see my friends from home, and I loved spending time with them Smile

I also got to meet this little girl this weekend:


My friend, Tim, just got a German Shepherd puppy, and she is the most precious thing in the world!

Unfortunately, my dad was gone before I woke up this morning, but I still was glad to see him this weekend! Now, I’m off to bike ride on the local trail on a beautiful day!

How is your weekend??



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8 responses to “Replugging!

  1. Tori

    I’m SO JEALOUS you got to meet Scout! I get pictures of her and they make me swoon!

  2. What a fun few days! LOVE puppies…this one is a super cutie!! 🙂

  3. have a great time on your bike ride!!! Dont you think its kind of weird that he wore a shirt with the band name on it? haha
    Anyway, I am completely jealous that you got to go to the concert!

  4. Hahaha those pirate smiley cookies might be the cutest I’ve ever seen!!! I’m surprised you resisted one!

  5. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    This sounds like a good weekend indeed! Definitely worthy of being unplugged for 🙂 And those cookies are so cute!

  6. Awe that looks like so much fun! I’m def sad we missed each other yet again. ..we will hang out again!

  7. What a lovely weekend in the Burgh!! Grille 36 is soo good! Also, that German Shepard is adorable as ever 🙂

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