Monday Motivation

One of my favorite websites, The Berry, has a daily motivation post.  These posts make me so happy, and I often post some of them on my facebook page.  This week I really need to start motivating myself to focus on healthy living.  I have fallen into a “fail miserably” rut when it comes to eating and working out. 

I decided to share some of the motivation with you all Smile


I found a little bit of motivation yesterday and went on a bike ride at a local trail.  It was a nice, leisurely ride with good company, and it was fourteen miles!


Hopefully, it was the start of a good, healthy week!

Stay motivated, my friends! Smile I’m off to start week #2 of class!



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28 responses to “Monday Motivation

  1. Thanks for the motivation!! Have a great week! 🙂

  2. Motivation is always helpful, especially on a Monday! These are great images and quotes Nikki 🙂 Have a good week lady!

  3. Marie

    Thanks for the motivation- Have a fabulous week!

  4. “If you change nothing, nothing will change” I LOVE that. Thanks for sharing. Definitely keeping that message around. I’m needing to be patient since I can’t exercise right now but hopefully soon! Have a wonderfu day!

  5. nice job on the bike ride! I love the one where the film is trying to become a memory card! I think that one is my favorite. I struggle with the patience part – I mean, I ran yesterday, why didn’t I lose 5 lbs yesterday too?! Thanks for the motivation – we can do it!

  6. I love bike rides! I need motivation to run 6 miles this week…. 😦

  7. Hahahahaha the film thinking about the memory card cracked me up!

  8. I can’t wait to go for a bike ride this weekend! Too bad it’s only Monday!

  9. healthcraved

    those are such cute motivation tabs! thanks for the link to the berry!!

  10. Such a pretty place for a bike ride!! Everyone could use some motivation sometimes. 🙂

  11. I LOVE the wedding couple running the 50K that is amazing!! Great motivation!

  12. That is awesome with the couple. I wonder if Tim would do that with me. 😉

  13. I love that quote. It’s so simple and so true. Good luck this week!

  14. Great job Nikki! I love your strength. Thank you for giving us some extra motivation! 🙂

  15. I love all of the motivation!!

  16. Love the motivation! So cute.. especially the engaged couple.

  17. That wedding couple is adorable!!!!!!

  18. This is a great post 🙂 Thanks for sharing – some brilliant things in here!

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