WIAW – Sunday Brunch Edition

Surprise reveal – Travis took me to an awesome Sunday brunch and a little hike  to burn off at least a few calories.  It was an awesome surprise!!


If you’re in the York, PA area and haven’t gone to brunch at the John Wright Restaurant, you need to go!


The view of the Susquehanna River from our table was awesome.  We could have sat outside, too!



I’m not gonna lie.  I ate a lot.  I started with a waffle decorated with goodness at the waffle bar, pecan French toast, some potatoes, and a piece of bacon.


Round two was an omelet made right in front of me.


Next up: chicken penne with some caesar salad.


And although Trav and I split one of pretty much every dessert, this was the amazing chocolate chip cookie drizzled in greatness. The food was amazing.  There were a lot of lunch options that had seafood that I didn’t try (not a seafood fan), though Trav said good things about them!




After brunch and a stroll down to the water’s edge, we headed to Highpoint Scenic Vista and Recreation Area to overlook the surrounding area.


It was a half of a mile hike to the top, and the weather for the morning was absolutely beautiful.



So pretty!

We followed up the afternoon with some iced coffee, and then I got down to business on some homework.


We spent a day apart, and then Trav joined me in Ship Monday evening.  Last night, we made an AWESOME dinner.  Chicken kebobs with squash, peppers, and some potatoes.

photo (2)

It was perfection. Too bad we made the perfect amount and there were no left overs Sad smile.

Well, that’s this week’s edition of WIAW.  Check out some other fabulous eats on Jenn’s blog!

Happy hump day!



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24 responses to “WIAW – Sunday Brunch Edition

  1. Holy yum! What great day! :). The omlet looks amazing :). Happy hump day!!

  2. jessie

    how have i never heard of john wright, and i’m from the harrisburg/york area!! all of that food looks AMAZING!!!

  3. those kabobs look killer! Yum!

  4. healthcraved

    WOW that all looks so amazing! a waffle bar?! what genius! (I noticed your has strawberries and chocolate chips…great choice!) and those kebobs look delicious–what a sweet boyfriend!

  5. ummm hello delicious food!!! everything look incredible!

  6. Mmm, it all looks so good! I want pecan french toast!! 🙂

  7. That chocolate chip cookie looks amazing. Brunch is probably my favorite meal for sure!

  8. katiemoves

    Wow I’ve never heard of this place but it sounds awesome! I’ll have to go sometime 🙂

  9. AntosDoesLife

    It looks like you guys had so much fun!! Breakfast looked amazing. And that is DEFINITELY my favorite meal of the day! 🙂

  10. That brunch looks great, and it was nice that the trail wasn’t too far so that you could take in the scene and burn some of it off.

  11. That brunch looks fantastic! I’m not too far outside of York (about an hour), so I may have to plan a trip to that place!

  12. What a great looking restaurants! Looks like such a fun day

  13. That looks like so much fun. Royal farms coffee for the win. So freaking good-besides wawa, it’s def my favorite!

  14. When in York is this? I live 20 minutes away from the city but just moved from closer to Harrisburg. I don’t know York at all.

  15. Your brunch looks delichious!

  16. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    I used to go to town with the omelette station when I would eat on campus at school, so I understand your excitement 😉 However, I will say that they were slacking on the waffle bar front!

  17. I had no clue you didn’t like seafood! Wow that brunch place looks truly amazing though, how sweet of Travis! I’m totally jealous of that iced coffee too 😉

  18. oh man, that omelette looks so delicious it should be illegal!

  19. That dessert looks delicious – now imagine adding some ice cream… yum 🙂

  20. yummy! and what a great surprise! awesome job travis

  21. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    That is one impressive brunch! What a great range of foods. It sounds like a great walk afterwards too 🙂

  22. Ummmm, you have the best life of eats. That brunch looks freakin’ AMAZING! And the hike? Awesome.

  23. caloricandcrazy

    That dessert looks fantastic :D!

  24. wow everything looks SO good – especially that pecan french toast 🙂

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