Running and Reading Long–Training to be Ultra

As you may remember from last week, for the Running and Reading Long program, our focus has been on the Ultramarathon Man by Dean Karnazes.  I ranted and raved about how awesome the book is in last week’s post, but this week, the focus is on what we have done in our training to make it ultra. 

My ultra goal right now is to follow a training plan for my first legit sprint triathlon.  I have done some really tiny tris before (200 swim, 11 mile bike, 3 mile run).  But the Bethany Beach Tri that I am doing in September is 1000 meter ocean swim, 18 mile bike, 4.35 mile run.  Pretty pumped for it.  This week, I did all that I could to follow the training plan that I am using.  I did a 2 mile run Monday, rest day yesterday, and 10.44 mile bike today.  I didn’t rest completely though. The training plan called for 30 minutes of cross-training, and we went on an easy stroll. I wasn’t supposed to rest yesterday, but I have been having the worst sinus pressure and runny nose in the past two days.  So bad that I didn’t even go in to work today in order to get more sleep.   Luckily Trav was there to take care of me!

Ultra to me obviously isn’t the same as ultra to Dean.  Ultra to me will mean completing the 65 mile ride that I am doing on September 15 and then bringing my mojo back the next weekend to do the tri at the beach on Sept. 23. Completing that is my ultra goal! And I met my goal this week so far of following the training plan. 

Ultimately, ultra would also mean meeting my fundraising goal for my bike ride.  I almost have 500 dollars, which is a big deal to me! A million trillion thanks to everyone who has donated thus far!

I would DEFINITELY recommend this book to anyone who wants to read it: reader or nonreader.  It’s motivating and powerful – do read!

And check out the twit-chat tonight at 8 EST! Follow the #runreadlong hashtag!

I’m off to my third to last day of class for the summer! Hip hip hooray!!



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9 responses to “Running and Reading Long–Training to be Ultra

  1. healthcraved

    what training plan are you using for your tri? I’ve got one coming up in the middle of August

  2. Ah my sinuses a allergies have been a real
    Pain this week too! Yay for keeping with your plan tho 🙂

  3. YAY! Congrats on the fundraising goal!!! Good luck!

  4. As much as you talk about this, I really want to read it now! 🙂 I need a good book for the Cav.

  5. Good luck with your training plan! I had the worst sinus stuff from allergies last week.. I nearly died on my run. It was definitely a good decision to rest 🙂

  6. Good luck! You’re going to knock out that tri. I would probably drown on the ocean swim…for real.

  7. That is a great set of ultra goals – lots of luck for them and your training plan! I also hope you feel better soon and definitely think rest is in order until you are 🙂

  8. Good luck with your training! Looking forward to following your journey 🙂

  9. a 65 mile bike ride and than a tri a weeka fter is DEFINITELY an ultra! Be proud of yourself- that is awesome!

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