A Great Day of Eats

Yesterday, it was 9 o’clock before I actually rolled out of bed.  Right away, I knew I had pancakes on the mind, and I know Travis loves them, too.  I immediately thought of Tina’s recipe, got all three of the ingredients (times 3), and in a few quick minutes, breakfast was served!




I topped mine with some defrosted frozen berries.  The juice from the berries made a great syrup substitute!

For lunch, I made half of Farrah’s Hazelnut Almond Butter recipe and had an almond butter and jelly sandwich. The nut butter is amazing!


Alongside the mini sandwich, I had some veggies and garlic hummus.  YUM.


Following lunch, it was time to bust out the trainer and get riding with my new pedals and shoes. And I can say that, after 45 minutes, I went from clipping in and out on my stationary trainer, to riding on a car-free road, to stopping and starting at intersections in the neighborhood.  I mixed up starting on inclines, declines, etc.  And I can now say that, even though I still need more practice, I have a pretty good sense on the whole thing.  I didn’t track mileage or anything, but I’d say I got a bit of a ride in between stationary and road cycling!

I didn’t quite call it my workout for the day, though.  Catch Me If You Can was on TV, and since it is one of my all-time favorite movies, I watched it while doing one of Julie’s home “no equipment needed” workouts.

It was a great workout, and left me quite sweaty!  Sweaty and hungry! Too hungry to make dinner.  Hey, I made breakfast…that’s enough, right? We ordered from Alfredo’s: our favorite Shippensburg pizza place.  I got a chicken caesar salad + black olives and with raspberry vinaigrette instead of the normal dressing.  Travis got a chicken cheesesteak, and we also had jalapeno poppers (not the biggest fan) and some fries.  I only was able to eat half of my salad.  Yay for lunch today!



Today is also my last day of animal duty! It’s been a good two weeks, but it will be nice to have a little more free time in addition to the end of class.  For those of you who were concerned, I finished my project with plenty of time to spare Winking smile.

Travis and I are hoping to get a good ride in today (with our new shoes and pedals of course!).  It’s showing some storms today, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed!

Happy Sunday!



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13 responses to “A Great Day of Eats

  1. I’m so glad you like the nut butter!! It is so good. I already need to make more! 🙂

    Its great you are able to bike now. Good job on the workouts! You are going to rock the triathlon!! 🙂

  2. healthcraved

    glad you’re getting the hang of the pedals!

  3. That’s great you are getting better with the pedals Nikki! Catch Me If You can is also among my favorite movies too!! Such a fantastic story and of course I love all the characters in it, Leonardo Dicarpio…. drool 😉

  4. I always wake up with pancakes on the mind too and those look delish. Glad you’ll have a bit more free time! 🙂

  5. Great job with the pedals! That nut butter looks delicious. 🙂

  6. Catch Me If You Can is one of those movies that I can’t seem to turn off every time it is on tv. It is also one of my favorites! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  7. Yummy eats! Hope you were able to get in a ride today! 🙂

  8. I saw that movie and was not a huge fan. Some good parts. Lots of good eats there!

  9. yea for geting your paper done on time! and your eats look yummy! I still don’t have the guts to go ride in the roads wih my clips on pedals…..

  10. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    I’m impressed with the quick mastery of the bike pedals! Sounds like a good day all up really – and delicious pancakes to start it off 🙂

  11. you just inspired me to go make some nut butter 🙂 I think it’s awesome that you are liking biking!

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