WIAW–Random Craving Edition

Today’s What I Ate Wednesday is another Tuesday recap.  But Tuesday was random.  Very random.  I ate at strange times, and I ate strange things.

Most of it has to do with the fact that I don’t have much left in the pre-vacation fridge. 

Before biking, I had two of these yummy guys! Delicioso!


After our ride, me and four guys (I’m just one lucky lady!) headed to breakfast number two at Biscotti.



We all got chocolate chip biscotti cookies with our meals.  Hollie, be jealous Smile.


I also got a cheese and spinach omelet with toast and hash browns.  It hit the spot.  And kept me full for a long time.  So full that the only thing I had for lunch was a little back of granola.



Dinner was a random chicken sausage and some frozen grapes. I know, my taste buds are nuts.

And apple sauce as well as fruity banana “soft serve” for dessert.



There’s my randomness. But all of it was awesome.

All of this was good fuel for the exercise I did.  Lots of protein helped for a 12 mile bike ride and a bit of ellipticalling.  In my mind, the randomness was perfect.  But to each her own!

To see some more fabulous eats, head over to Jenn’s blog and see what some fellow bloggers have been chowing down on!

Happy Hump Day! I am working all day, and then heading to Trav’s so we can leave for the beach in the morning! Smile



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31 responses to “WIAW–Random Craving Edition

  1. Aww that Biscotti place looks cute!!

    Is that Love Grown granola??? It looks like it, maybe!

  2. That Biscotti place looks adorable… and I bet their biscottis are pretty dang tasty 😉 I am trying to adhere to any and all of my cravings.. it helps to stop them!

  3. Holy cow..those egg muffins look DELISH! 🙂

  4. Everything looks great here! Ive made egg muffins before and I guess I didnt put enough flavor in them, because they were just so so. Yours sound great though!

  5. Have a great time on vacation! The omelet is right up my alley and great job on the bike miles!

  6. looks delicious! some days I find that my taste buds are all over the place!~

  7. That breakfast looks AMAZING! I LOVE omelettes out! I try to make them at home but they are never the same. I think a PA blogger meet up is in order, and I definitely think we should do breakfast/brunch 😉

  8. I was jealous when you texted me and I’m still…so jealous. Biscotti Cafe is where it’s at. I know there are a lot of cute little diners on the Eastern Shore we could always go too! 😉

  9. I haven’t had biscotti cookies in a while. I think I might make some now!

    You are doing so great with your workouts! Keep it up strong girl! 🙂

  10. healthcraved

    that omelette looks amazing! as do the muffins you made…I can’t wait to try that recipe

  11. cheese and spinach omlettes are one of my favorite things to order if a restaurant/diner has it 🙂 So good

  12. I always forget about biscotti… mmmm! I’m a random eater in the summer as well… time just passes so quickly while you’re having fun, you know?

  13. Yeah for being at the beach, I hope you’re having a blast!!
    I am a random eater, no two days are ever the same. your breakfast looks so yum…especially the biscotti!

  14. Ohhh biscotti! I haven’t had that in forever!
    I am such a random eater as well. But everything you had looks incredible!

  15. Loving that cute little biscotti place! And YAY for eggs!

  16. Biscotti? Yummo. I always love random eating, it makes me feel more fulfilled to eat my cravings. Great job on the biking, I hope the pedals are working out well!

  17. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    Hey, I am the QUEEN of random food combinations when I’m in certain moods. Sometimes a girl just wants a generous portion of fruit & almond butter for a meal 😀

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