ABC Sunday

I have seen this survey writing itself around the blog world as of late and really enjoy reading what others have to say! Here’s my simple things A-Z survey, because it’s the simple things that make like so much more special!

A – Animals.  I honestly don’t know where I would be without my pets (and my sister’s puppy, too!).  They always brighten up my day.

B – Bikes.  A few years ago, I would have never thought this would be a part of the things that make me happy. But my bike has been with me a lot lately and I love the feeling of taking it out on a good ride.

C – Camping.  I love camping at the beach with my family and not a care in the world.  Exactly what I am doing right now Smile


D – Dancing.  Whether it’s just in my room, Zumba, or at a bar, I love letting lose.  I don’t care what people think about my skills; I just love dancing!

E – Elephants.  We have a history of elephants in my family.  My Papo (my dad’s dad) had a huge collection.  I used to love some of them, and when he moved to Georgia, our family got some of them past down to us.  And I have just always loved them!

F – Family.  Probably cliché, but my family is the most supportive, fun-loving, Italian family there is.  All of my cousins are so close in age, and we just get along so well.  I love every moment spent with them!


G – Green apples.  Granny Smiths are one of about 2 apples I will eat.  So tart and juicy and yummy!

H – Home.  Going home to my parent’s house is one of the most simple pleasures.  If only I got to do it more often.

I – Ice hockey.  C’mon, I’m a Pittsburgh girl through and through.  Pittsburgh is nothing without its Penguins!

J – Jobs.  I know I work a lot, but being able to have a job (or two, or three) makes me happy.  I also know that one day I will have a teaching job that will make me love going to work, and the income will just be an added bonus!

K – Kids.  Teaching and spending time with kids brings me so much pleasure.

L – Learning.  I wish that I could be a perpetual student and get paid to do so.  I love class and school and finding out new information.  Total nerd status.

M – Music.  If you know me, you know what I am somewhat obsessed with listening to music.  There is no saying where I’d be today without constant music. It’s definitely seen me through the good and bad (and ugly, too!).

assateague 125

N – Notes.  Sticky notes in general.  I use them like it’s my job, and they make my life so much simpler and less stressful!

O – Olympics!!! I am so crazy about watching swimming and gymnastics it’s not even funny.  Anytime swimming gets televised and heavily watched, I get really happy.

P – Pretzels.  Huge pretzel addict right here!


Q – Quiet.  This is probably a contradiction to my love for music, but the peace and quiet right before falling asleep is probably my favorite time of the day!

R – Reading.  I think this simple pleasure sparked in the days when my mom was a librarian, and the love never left!

S – Sweats.  There was a time in high school in which I was bet not to wear sweats for the rest of the school year.  It was brutal.  I love my comfortable sweats!

T – Travis. But duh, that was obvious! Winking smile


U – Umbrellas.  Mine is houndstooth – which is by far my favorite pattern in the world.

V – Volunteering.  Special Olympics swimming and volunteering at the Jam on Walnut events are just some of the ways I get to volunteer.  And I find so much pleasure from it.

W – Water.  Water to drink and nourish.  Water to swim.  Water was pretty much my home during swim season. 

X – Xenon.  Girl of the 21st century.

Y – Yoga.  I know I don’t do it enough, but yoga makes me feel so good mentally and physically.  It works wonders!

Z – Zone of Proximal Development.  Aka the difference between what a learner can do without help and what the learner can’t do on his or her own.  As a teacher, I get to help move students from needing help to not needing help.  And that makes me feel so good inside.

Tell me some of the simple things that make you happy!



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10 responses to “ABC Sunday

  1. We have so many similar ones! I had biking for B, Music for M, Reading for R, Quiet time for Q, U for Umbrella and Family for F. I was reading this going I said a lot of the same lol. I even included Olympics under sports and yoga under power yoga. I love Xeon. It was one of my favorite movies as a kid (and maybe now lol)

  2. E for elephants… loved that Nikki, how cool! The family one is not cliche, I could not agree more 🙂 And yes for R and reading, simple pleasure that never ceases to make me happy

  3. PONIES!!! Are you camping with them right now?! Ugh its been a DREAM of mine to own a horse since FOREVER. I absolutely love them 🙂 And camping too!!

  4. XENON so true oh my gosh. I know all the words to Boom Boom boom song. That was my favorite Disney movie of all time.

  5. I was obsessed with teh Xenon movie(s) yes there were 2, when I was growing up. I even cut my hair like her’s in the second movie…

  6. I totally forgot about Xenon. BEST MOVIE. I’m really close with my cousins too!

  7. healthcraved

    love this list! dancing and the olympics make me happy too! I want to do a post like this soon

  8. I’m so jealous you are camping right now. It just seems so lovely and carefree!

  9. kristen@ livinlifeinlouie

    I cant wait till the olympics!!! and posted notes, dancing, we are two peas in a pod haha

  10. This was a really fun post to read, and I discovered we have several points in common 🙂 The nerdy learning one, for a start (:P), and the reading, and quiet, and bikes, and post it notes!

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