Running and Reading Matt Long

This week comes with another Running and Reading Long post about the book The Long Run.  As I mentioned last week, it is so inspiring.  I am amazed that someone can have gone through getting run over by a bus and be able to turn things around enough to compete in marathons and triathlons again.

One thing that I am going to focus on this week is Matt’s recovery from injury and how it relates to what I have gone through.  Although his injuries were so much more severe, I can still relate to the feeling of uselessness and laziness that come along with being sidelined due to injury.  Running even for a few minutes seemed like such an accomplishment, and I can’t believe how far along I have come since then.  There were times when he said that he felt like he was incapable of doing anything and would rather be dead than be useless.  I feel like we all feel that way sometimes when we don’t live up to our goals.  We put everything we can into something, and then something like an injury happens and we are sidelined from the thing we have worked so hard for.  One thing I learned is that you just have to listen to your body, but don’t give up.  You can make it through injuries.  Oftentimes, many people come back stronger after injury.  They know what it feels to fall short of a goal, and they have more dedication to push forward and make the goal happen.  If there’s one thing I learned from Matt Long, it’s that you just can’t give up.

All in all, I definitely recommend this book to anyone who runs and even those who don’t.  You can learn so much from someone’s dedication and attitude, and Matt’s attitude is contagious!

Happy Thursday! Hope you all are having a great week! I have been trying my best to get swims, bikes, and runs in at the beach! 🙂



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3 responses to “Running and Reading Matt Long

  1. I love books that draw inspiration like that. I have had my fair share of injuries and it’s so important to know that you will get better. That often get’s lost in the mix. See you tomorrow! 🙂

  2. Sounds like a great read! I injured my knee after running my first half and although I want to run another, I am a bit worried. This book sounds inspiring!

  3. Great book review! Sounds like a really good one. 🙂

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