Energy Saving Craziness

When I got home from vacation on Sunday, there was an unexpected package outside my door.

I brought it inside, opened it up, and was greeted with a box of energy saving mayhem!

The box was full of all sorts and sizes of eco-lightbulbs, a power saving surge protector, night lights, and a furnace whistle.  Whistle tips go woo woooo. (Sorry, I had to.)  Furnace whistles sound when your furnace filter needs to be replaced, maximizing the filter’s efficiency.


The package was from my electric company.  I had filled out a survey a few months ago about my electric use, but I didn’t know what the survey meant that I would get this package! So cool!

A long time ago, I did a post about going green and little things that you can do to help the environment.  But when I got this package, it came with some more things that can be done to lower your energy use (and in turn lower your energy bill, too!)

Here are some of my favorite of the 100 ways included!

  • Close fireplace doors when not in use to reduce air infiltration and heat loss.
  • Locate window air conditioning units on the north or shady side of the house.  Direct sunlight on the unit increases its work load.
  • Choose light-colored shingles for your house.
  • Keep doors to unused rooms closed, and close the vents in these rooms when able.
  • Set the thermostat as low as comfortable in the winter and as high as comfortable in the summer.
  • Do not place uncovered liquids in refrigerators.  In addition to absorbing undesirable flavors, the liquids give off vapors that add to the compressor workload.
  • Plan ahead and remove all ingredients for each meal at one time.
  • Cook entire meals in slow cookers instead of each ingredient separately.
  • Use the microwave when possible.  Microwaves draw less than half the power of their conventional counterparts.
  • When using the oven, avoid making frequent progress checks that entail opening the door.
  • Clean lighting fixtures regularly.
  • When available, air dry dishes and clothing.

For more information and tips, check out  There are a ton of things that I never would have thought of before now!

Oh ya, and for those of your PA/Pittsburgh bloggers, check this out if you haven’t already!

There is a blogger meet-up on August 11th, starting with a pilates class and then a lunch! Check out Claire’s post for more information!

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14 responses to “Energy Saving Craziness

  1. Wow, I never realized that tip about leaving open liquids in the fridge! What an awesome haul; thanks for sharing the info with us 🙂

  2. Great goodies from that trip! Wish I lived near PA.

  3. Very cool! My hubby and I got some energy saving light bulbs from our electric company last year. Not sure what we did to get them, but it was nice!

  4. These are awesome tips! We live on the third floor, and i am very firm about our thermostat staying at 79 in the summer and 62 in the winter. It just gets way to expensive otherwise!

  5. Great post! I think two of the most useful ones for me are the fridge ones 🙂 I never even thought about pulling all of my ingredients out at once! Sorry I’ve been mia – out of action due to vacation!!

  6. I want one of those furnace whistles! I have never heard of that before. We need to change our filters today.

  7. What an awesome package to get after vacation… You got all kinds of goodies! I never thought to close my fireplace doors to prevent heat loss.. Duh to me haha

  8. How cool! These are great tips! Thank you ma’am!

  9. Wow, what a great package to receive! I haven’t heard of the furnace whistle things, huh. Knowing my luck they’d go off in the middle of the night when my husband was out of town and freak me out!

  10. What a great package! And great tips 🙂 I love how relatively small things can make such a big difference, both to costs but also in terms of the environment.

  11. My hubby and I are in the process of switching over our light-bulbs to more efficient ones! 🙂

  12. I’m always looking for great energy saving tips and tricks, Thanks!

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