Running and Reading Long and Giveaway Winner

This week’s focus for Running and Reading Long is race preparation.  I know that I’ve just started training for my next race, but that doesn’t mean I can’t already start preparing.

Although I am doing the Color Run and a 65 mile bike ride (simple pace, not a race), the thing I am training and focusing on most is the Bethany Beach Triathlon.

The Triathlon is Sunday, September 23.  The race consists of 1000 meter Swim/Beach Run (.62 miles), 30k Bike (18.5 miles), and 7k Run (4.35 miles).  The transition area for the race opens at 5:30, prerace events are a 7:15, and the race starts at 7:30.  Can’t forget the post race party after, too Winking smile.  Packet pick-up is the night before from 4-8 and there is also an expo along with it!

Some things we were supposed to research for this week’s post in order to be fully prepared include:

  • Fueling during the race – there is nothing on the website saying anything about fueling offered during the race, but I plan to have gels in my bike shirt
  • “Night before” preparation – set out my outfit, make sure I have cap, goggles, clip shoes, race information, Garmin, socks, shoes, water bottles, towel, gels, sunglasses, running belt, etc.
  • Hydration – water bottle on bike and extra in transition, drink more than enough water the day and night before, there are 3 places during the run with water, incorporate sport drink to last longer
  • Race day activities – prerace events before as well as a three hour party after Smile and hopefully spending time at the beach!

Some things that I am still worried about: what to wear on the top to be  comfortable the whole time.  I have triathlon shorts but I don’t know what I should wear as a top?! A sports bra maybe and then put my biking shirt on? A special triathlon top? Not sure!! Everything I researched said to wear a wetsuit, but as this is my first major triathlon, I don’t know whether spending the money on a wetsuit is the best idea.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Also, do I wear clip shoes and then switch to my sneakers? Or switch back to my old pedals and just wear the sneakers the whole time?

Lastly, what will I do to make the race fun? Well, how can it not be fun…I am racing with my best friend and boy friend!

In my research, I found some good articles:

11 Triathlon Rules You Should Know

How Triathletes Stay Hydrate On Race Day

Triathlon Swim: How to Stay on Course

Triathlon Transitions

So far this week, I have ran, swam, and cross trained, and this morning I planned on going for a ride but woke up to a storm.  The hardest thing will be training while in San Diego…I have no idea what my resources will be like!!

Anyone that has any triathlon tips, please let me know!

And the winner of the Girls4Sport giveaway is:


Louise from Runner’s Ramblings! Congrats, Louise!! Look forward to an email from me!

And don’t forget: Readers get 15% from Girls4Sport using the code SWIM15!

Have a good day! Smile



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16 responses to “Running and Reading Long and Giveaway Winner

  1. Hi! Not sure if you’re familiar with Healthy Tipping Point, but she’s done a series of posts about tri’s. I’ve never done, so can’t vouch, but it seems pretty thorough:

  2. I was freaking out about what to wear on top for my first triathlon – it was my biggest concern the entire time leading up to the race. A lot of girls just wore sports bras / sport bikini tops, but as a “well-endowed” girl, I didn’t think either of those options would give me the support I needed during the run. And I was afraid about the sports bra not drying well after the swim. That said, I went out and bought a triathlon tank. It was expensive, but it was perfect. It held the girls in place, and it dried quickly after the swim, and it had lots of pockets for the bike / run portion. I highly suggest it.

    I think wetsuits are useless in sprint triathlons – it’s going to cost you so much more time getting it off than it’s even worth in the swim. Plus, the water will likely be warm & you’re already a strong swimmer. Don’t bother with the wetsuit unless you’re doing a 70.3 or IronMan distance… or if the water is freezing (which it won’t be).

    You need to have your bib on you for the bike & run – so I would either buy a little belt and clip your bib on it before-hand, and just snap it on for the bike… or pin your bib to a shirt and throw that on for the bike/run. Note that your shirt will inevitably get wet though and might be heavy.

    I’ve never tried to use my clip-in shoes in a race, but it would have been helpful because my wet feet kept slipping over the pedals. If you just throw on sneakers after the swim, your body will drip and your feet will be a soggy mess after the bike. Bring extra socks and shoes for the run or you’ll be running in 10-pound water-logged shoes.

    Those are my tips – hopefully they are helpful! Good luck 🙂

  3. healthcraved

    is this your first triathlon? I did my first last summer. Although I can’t really relate to the wetsuit issue (I’m from Mississippi–there is absolutely no need for a wetsuit here…it’s HOT) I don’t think I could justify dropping that much money for your first triathlon. For mine, I just wore a regular competition suit (not like an FSPro, but you know–just our team dual meet racing suit) and then for the bike I threw my shorts on over it and for the run threw on my running jersey. I am not well endowed but my friends that are usually go for a heavy duty sports bra or a tri tank.

    I don’t have clip less pedals myself (I am still just learning how to properly use all my gears on the bike) but I think if I had them, I would use them. they are supposed to help tremendously. and then you can just change into your running shoes at the second transition. I saw most people doing this. After my second triathlon, I’m going to get more serious about the bike and maybe try to learn about clip less pedals.

    also, what color run are you doing? I’m doing one labor day weekend in birmingham! I can’t wait!

  4. So excited for you. I have never done a triathalon so will be excited to hear how yours goes.

  5. Hey Nikki! I’m wanting to try my very first triathlon soon, so I’m loving reading all about your training! I also nominated you for the Leibster award on my blog! 🙂

  6. I’ve never done a triathlon!!! It sounds so intense, it kind of scares me!

  7. Triathlons sound intense! I am enjoying reading about your training!

  8. I can’t wait to see how your tri goes. I think you’ll do extremely well with all the work you are putting into it! Have fun on vacay tomorrow! 🙂

  9. I have no triathlon tips at all I’m sorry – but wanted to say lots of luck and have fun with it! 🙂

  10. I am so looking forward to hearing how all of this goes! I know you will rock it! I have zero experience with triathlons (or marathons either for that matter, haha) so I have no real advice for ya, but I know you’ll do great! 🙂

  11. So cool you are doing a triathlon!! I don’t know how to swim but if I could ever learn, I would love to do one 🙂

  12. Chassie

    Great information! Good luck on your triathlon!

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