Guest Post: Keeping the Faith by Erica

Good morning, all! As you know, I am living the fab life in San Diego (which I can’t wait to share with you!)  Today, I have a guest post from Erica from Life As A Running Mom.  As a fellow Sweat Pink sister, she is incredible, and has a great running streak going for her! Thanks for the post, Erica Smile

Aloha, I am Erica, blog author of Life as a Running Mom. I am a wife, mom of a four-year old, and a full-time employee. I am training for my second marathon and aiming to get into a 50-mile week by the end of July. I started my blog to keep me motivated on my training for my first marathon. I continue to blog since the online community is amazing and I embrace opportunities like this, writing a guest post for Nikki, to spread my story. And today I want to talk about keeping the faith when an unexpected injury or other hiccup happens.

Life as a Running Mom

Runners are strong and determined. If you don’t think this describes you as a runner, you are mistaken. Eventually one day the light will shine on you and you will realize that yes, you are strong and determined.

And I am a runner that is focused on training plans. I am very methodical in my training. The complete opposite of dear hubby. This can have its up’s and down’s. It is a great motivator and keeps me focused and going but when a hiccup happens, I need to stay smart.

Recently a non-running hiccup brought my training to an almost halt. Not a complete halt since I am a “run every day runner” but down to bare minimum in miles. I chose to do this. I chose to respond by cutting way back. I am glad I did but I also knew eventually those repetitive one-mile days would take their toll on me mentally.

Therefore, I had to be confident in my adjustments so I blogged about it and the running community shared their support. I also needed to be proactive and turned to alternative healthcare to help that pesky left hip of mine that has been complaining on and off for over a year. Yep, that long. Perhaps closer to a year and a half. And I knew I was scared it would start complaining really loud and bring my running to a full stop.

Trust me, it is hard to keep the faith and trust yourself in a scenario like this. I would love to say I did remain confident with no problem but that would be a lie. I did start doubting myself and my strength and you know what? That is to be expected. It is normal. It is what you do when you are doubtful that matters. What did I do? I blogged about it. I told the whole world I felt weak and fragile. And by the end of the post, I felt strong and confident again.

Nikki, I want to thank you and your readers for this opportunity to share my story. If you are interested in following Life of a Running Mom you can find me at:

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Instagram – lifeasarunningmom

Do you follow training plans or just wing it day to day?



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4 responses to “Guest Post: Keeping the Faith by Erica

  1. What a great post, you were so smart with your training which I think is a sign of how much you really do love running. I am a running enthusiast as well so I feel you on that one!

  2. healthcraved

    great post! I came from having a set routine because I swam in college, so I had a coach to do that for me. Now that I’m on my own, it’s hard to create training plans and stick to them.

  3. Mahalo for sharing my post and the great comments! I love hearing and learning from you all!

  4. Having faith and learning to trust your body is hard–especially after an injury. I’m still working on it!

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