The Underwater Window Excerpt and Giveaway

Ok, man do I have a treat for you! I know that I’ve had a lot of giveaways as of late, but before I left for San Diego, I was emailed with an amazing opportunity to join a blog book tour.   Of course, there was no way I was going to pass something swimming related down!!

The blog tour is for the newly released book: The Underwater Window by Dan Stephenson.  I love any story about swimming (and running, too) so this sounds right up my alley!

A little background information: Dan Stephenson was captain of the UCLA swim team in the 1970s and was a Pac-10 champion and All-American. Dan currently swims in masters competitions and won four gold medals at the 2012 FINA Masters World Championships in Riccione, Italy and 3 gold medals at the 2012 U.S. Masters Nationals in Omaha. He holds two masters world records. You can watch a recent Skype interview with Dan and “Swimming World TV” at:  Impressive, right?

Although the book has been sent to me, I haven’t gotten around to reading it yet.  Once I do, you know that I’ll be telling you all about it.

Here’s a little information about the book, followed by an excerpt!

“Archie Hayes is the best swimmer in the world. Talent and luck have brought him Olympic medals, fame, money and women. Doyle Wilson has reached the end of his career with dreams unfulfilled, but he has a final chance in the 400 freestyle, in which Archie owns the world record. Doyle bets that hard work will enable him to beat Archie just once. He burns all his bridges to focus on his lone goal.

But Doyle can’t be single-minded. Archie is not just his nemesis – they’re best friends. Danger lurks around every corner for Archie, a celebrity athlete with a reckless streak. On a training trip to Hawaii, when Archie is mauled by a wave while bodysurfing, Doyle sees his duty – a purpose in life that transcends self-interest and even friendship. Archie’s incomparable talent must be preserved and nurtured, and only Doyle can do it.

Doyle’s odyssey to the Olympics teaches him about true friendship and love, the meaning of sacrifice and overcoming obstacles. It readies him to face the challenges of life ahead.

Swimming greats such as Rowdy Gaines, Janet Evans Willson, John Naber and Brian Goodell have all praised THE UNDERWATER WINDOW; their comments can be found at:”

(Dan is on top of the podium!)


A novel by Dan Stephenson

From the author:

Chapter 3 of THE UNDERWATER WINDOW begins with a discourse on water, the most amazing element in the universe. To swimmers, water is so familiar, so constantly present, that it takes on animate qualities. It’s like a friend who’s always there for you, but who regularly inflicts pain on you, too. If you find yourself talking to water — even yelling or swearing at it — then you’re hooked. Swimming is your sport.

—Dan Stephenson, author of THE UNDERWATER WINDOW.

I love water. I like to immerse myself in it. When I dive into the pool at the start of a workout, I stay under for a while, gliding under the surface. When I take a hot shower after practice, I stick my head in the water flow, letting it roll down my back and face. I prefer body surfing to board surfing because I want to feel the waves on my whole body, not just my feet. I prefer snorkeling to scuba diving because the absence of tanks frees me to move around in the water better. I go down deep, swim upside down and look back up toward the surface. Seeing the fish is fine, but what I really want to see is the water. Clear blue water. Twenty feet down, the water at the Great Barrier Reef is a blue I’ve never seen in a crayon box.

Why do I like water so much? I like things that are simple, clean and elegant. I like things that are predictable, measurable, quantifiable. I guess that says something about me. Water and I were made for each other.

Water has some fascinating qualities. Its density and viscosity are ideal for swimming. Those qualities also make possible the circulation of blood, which is mostly water. The human body is mostly water. Every living thing on earth is mostly water. The earth itself is mostly water. Water is the fluid of life. Scientists searching for life on other planets look for signs of water. I took a lot of science courses in college.

Water is beautiful. In my home state of Michigan, there are few things more resplendent than a sunset reflecting off Lake Michigan, a waterfall in the Upper Peninsula, or a gentle snowfall. Water is useful. You can cook with it, drink it, wash things in it, play in it and use it to create electricity. When iron and steel are heated and then quenched in a pool of cool water, the metal becomes hardened. It’s like what water does to swimmers.

Molly says water is spiritual. Moses parted it. Jesus walked on it and turned it into wine. There’s a verse in the Bible that says the earth was “formed out of water and by water.” The Qur’an says “Allah has created from water every living creature.” These sayings conjure up images of a Creator using water in the recipe for the dough of life, and using water like a chiseling tool. Water is part of the mixture of every living thing, and it has the power to dig out great rock canyons.

Water has a dark side. It can kill and torture. It makes things rust. Water seeks its level. It goes through tiny cracks and seeps in without being invited. Swimmers get it in their eyes, ears, noses and every other crevice. It gets into our brains. We can’t escape it.

Excerpted from THE UNDERWATER WINDOW © 2012 by Dan Stephenson. Excerpted with permission from the author. All Rights Reserved.


Assets for Dan Stephenson’s THE UNDERWATER WINDOW

Paperback Edition, Watermark, June 2012

E-book Edition, Untreed Reads Publishing, May 2012

Here are some links for you to peruse!

Dan Stephenson’s website


THE UNDERWATER WINDOW Description, Cover and Buy Links

About Dan Stephenson – Bio and Photo

A Q&A with Dan Stephenson



“Swimming World TV” Skype interview with Dan or on YouTube at:

How cool does that sound??? You know you want to win a copy, right? Well, lucky for you, I can give away 2 copies of the books to US/Canada residents!

There are three ways to enter! Just leave a comment for each!

  1. Head to Dan Stephenson’s website, and tell me in a comment one thing that you learned
  2. Like The Underwater Window on Facebook
  3. Like Life After Swimming on Facebook

This giveaway as well as the GoodBelly giveaway are both open until Monday, August 6.  Best of luck!! Can’t wait to read it myself Smile



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8 responses to “The Underwater Window Excerpt and Giveaway

  1. I learned who Dan Stephenson is! I haven’t heard of him until now! His site seems very inspirational!

  2. healthcraved

    ahhhhh I love swimming books! thanks for posting!!! p.s. I nominated you for a blog award 😀 check out my site!

  3. great giveaway! I loved the rival because it reminds me of phelps and lochte right now! And how they bad talk each other, and the next minute give each other praise haha. I guess thats just part of the olympics! haha

  4. Liked the Underwater Window on FB

  5. Amanda

    already a fan of LAS on FB

  6. Amanda

    Dan grew up in Ann Arbor, MI!! 🙂 Neighbors!

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