WIAW from San Diego

Hi there!!! I have some news for you – I think I am staying in San Diego FOREVERRRR…. Just kidding – but seriously, do I ever have to leave this place? It is so fabulous!!! I have been relaxing, exploring, and having a GREAT TIME.

You can expect a FULL recap (or even a few) when I get back, but we do have free wireless and I figured I’d do my best to get in a WIAW post!

Here are some of the eats I’ve been having this vacation!  And believe me, I’m pretty much eating what I want.  It’s vacation after all!

The first day we were there, we went to Kansa City Barbeque, which was right across the street from our hotel. Little did we know, a scene from Top Gun was taped there!


I got pulled pork, and it was AMAZING.  I didn’t eat the bread, but there definitely wouldn’t have been any room in my belly for it!


The next afternoon, we went for lunch and drinks.  We went to Miguel’s for Mexican, and it was AMAZING.  Gotta love authentic Mexican Smile.  I got the Pollo Asado Burrito: marinated grilled chicken breast sautéed with salsa fresca  and rolled into a flour tortilla, topped with enchilada sauce, jalapeño white sauce, guacamole and cheese; served with rice and beans.  We also went to Pier Café for drinks – fishbowls, to be exact Smile

IMG_0042.JPG (2)IMG_5474

Lunch the next day occurred poolside.  I got an outstanding veggie burger from the hotel restaurant, and it came with an immense amount of fries. They were delicious, but I could barely eat them!

IMG_0050.JPG (2)

That night, we went to a party type thing for my sister’s work convention.  They had great tortellini and awesome shooter desserts.  Followed by a gelato bar at a rooftop party also for her work! They even had hazelnuts to top it with.  Let’s just say that my sweet tooth was in heaven that night!

IMG_0063.JPG (2)IMG_0065.JPG (2)

Yesterday morning, I had some coffee, fruit, and yogurt for breakfast, with a yummy cookie for a mid-morning snack!

IMG_0066.JPG (2)

IMG_0074.JPG (2)

As you can tell, I’ve been enjoying my eats.  But I’ve also been eating fruits and veggies to help me out and keep me at least a little balanced! Apples and peanut butter have been a go-to! And granola bars are stocked in a drawer of mine in case of emergency!

That’s my What I Ate Wednesday for this week.  I’m sure next week will have more San Diego eats from the remainder of the trip! Smile Check out Jenn’s awesome blog to see the rest of the party guests!

I’ll be back soon for more trip update.  Enjoy the posts until then, and don’t forget to enter the GoodBelly and book giveaways!



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15 responses to “WIAW from San Diego

  1. katiemoves

    Exactly how I feel after vacation… And if it was San Diego I don’t think I would come back either 🙂 looks like some good eats!

  2. Omg so jealous of both your vaca and eats right now.

  3. Pulled pork is one of the meats I really miss!

  4. all I hae to say is YUM YUM YUM! what a great trip. Maybe we should have a blogging meet up out there! hahaha

  5. That is quite the drink! And it’s pretty 😀

  6. i love how you enjoy BBQ lol. That all looks so good and I cannot wait to hear a full recap!

  7. Yum! So much deliciousness! I am so glad you’re having the time of your life in San Diego & I can’t wait to hear more about your trip!

  8. I love pulled pork! So glad to hear you’re enjoying San Diego!

  9. I am so glad you are enjoying San Diego, your eats look so good! I can’t wait to hear all about it 🙂

  10. Ohh my lordy lord!! THIS FOOD looks so unreal. YUM!!! I need those waffle fries. SO GOOD. That fish bowl looks like a blast 😉

  11. Yummy! San Diego and the surrounding areas are ridiculously amazing. I had a hard time coming home too!

  12. Gelato bar?! Oh wow! I’d move too, just for that 🙂

  13. So excited for the full recap. Love that you are enjoying some “unhealthy” foods on your vacation as well as balancing them out with fruit & veggies. I don’t know if I’d be able to leave SD either girl. I mean seriously, it all looks wonderful!!

  14. Oh wow, those are so delicious looking eats, girl!

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