I Want to Go Back to San Diego!!

I realize that my posts will most likely been seen as unexciting this week, but San Diego was just so great and I have so much awesomeness I want to share with you Smile

Here’s some more recapping photos, followed by the giveaway winners!!

As I mentioned, a lot of time was spent poolside. There were views like this at my pool:


And there were views like this at the pool that a friend of ours was staying in:


One of the last days we were there, we headed to LA/Hollywood.  It was awesome, though I think I’d much prefer the San Diego life.  We made a necessary stop at In-N-Out burger!





Look familiar, Tessa? haha  We hit up Rodeo Dr. and Beverly Hills while we were there.  Someone owns this awesome Pittsburgh car Winking smile



Pretty Women, anyone?


We saw some awesome old streetlights on display!


And then we ended the night with dinner at the Farmer’s Market!


Our final day involved a trip to the San Diego Zoo…


And then finished up the night at a Padre’s game!  Funny thing is, I’m seeing them again this weekend in Pittsburgh Smile



Our final moments were in the hot tub before heading to the airport Sad smile So sad!


I’m sad that it had to end! I had an amazing time.  And we had so much amazing food, that I’ll wait to show you until WIAW tomorrow!

And now onto giveaway winners! Here we go, thanks to random.org!

The winners of the GoodBelly giveaway are:

Danielle, Charissa, and Anne-Marie!

And the winners of the Underwater Window are:

Kristen and Eatteachblog

Congrats to all! I will be emailing you shortly to get the goodies on the way!

Happy Tuesday! I am hoping to get a little less tired today…this time change thing is rough!



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14 responses to “I Want to Go Back to San Diego!!

  1. Ha coming back from vacation is always hard, you always want to go back.

  2. Ahhh all those pictures look so relaxing. I want to be there right now. Seriously, how people who LIVE in places like this realize how lucky they are??

  3. Jealousss.

    Anyways, I can agree about coming back from vacation and oh my stars to that car. That is hella cool! Also the man doing the headstand is pretty sweet as well. 🙂

  4. Your posts are making me want to go back on vacation!

  5. Wow, you did a lot of great stuff in SD! Glad that you had so much fun. 🙂

  6. what an AMAZING trip! I have never been out west (the farthest was kansas haha) but it looks amazing- so jealous!
    ANd yea for the giveaway!

  7. ittybitsofbalance

    I don’t blame you for wanting to continue talking about your trip– it looks like you had loads of fun. Whats up with handstand guy? haha

    I’ve never been to San Diego but I have some family there. Maybe it’s time I start planning a visit 😉

  8. That trip looks fantastic. It has me seriously craving a vacation.
    I haven’t been to the San Diego zoo in so long. How much fun!

  9. What amazing pictures! That first one of the guy standing on his head by the pool is so funny 🙂

  10. That’s a reallllly nice car! I’ll have to show that to Allan. We wanted to go to the zoo but didn’t have enough time for that. Glad you guys had such a good time there! I can’t believe we both ended up going to a Padres game. I only got to see LA from the plane at night so I’ll have to go back for sure.

  11. Life & Sunshine

    looks like a great stay! you can always come back 🙂

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