WIAW: West Coast Continued

Ok, ok, I promise think this is my last post raving about San Diego.  If you remember, last week I showed the beginning of our glorious west coast eats.   Now I’m here to continue showing your our tremendous food!

One of the nights were were there, we met up with a cousin and headed to Little Italy for dinner.  We chose the restaurant Davanti, and man, was it delicious!   We started out with a meat and cheese plate, then split some smaller portion meals including a polenta and pork dish, a pizza, and some risotto. 


We followed it up with dessert.  Of course there’s always room for dessert, especially when it’s pistachio gelato and salted caramel goat cheese cake!


There poolside meals that looked like this:


And also like this and this:


Nacho-esque waffle fries, and then Starbucks and a scone split with my sister on our last morning Sad smile

There was In-N-Out burger…




Soft pretzels…




And cashew and bacon caramel corn…


You got that right!  The one thing that there was none of:


Bahahha. No hater tots for me!

Hey, I never said I was eating healthy the WHOLE time I was there Winking smile

Now it’s time to admit that my vacation is over.  And although French fries were a staple on this vacation, they aren’t all summer long! Oh well, they can still be part of this month’s What I Ate Wednesday, thanks to Jenn!

That’s about all for this week’s WIAW!

What do you love to eat while on vacation?



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21 responses to “WIAW: West Coast Continued

  1. cashew bacon caramel corn,…. oh my goodness can I swim in that? LOVE

  2. Wow, some of that food looks beyond ridiculous – especially the caramel corn. You should have grabbed a few extra bags to take home with you. With all the good eats, did you find the daily activities were a wash or did you gain a pound or two?

    When’s the next vacation?? 😀

  3. Holy CRAP the pistachio gelato and salted caramel cheesecake look insane. I want some of each now!

  4. oh in n out…my husbands favorite place in the world. I dont understand it, but he is so addicted to that place!

  5. Salted caramel goat cheesecake – wha?! Sounds amazing!

  6. ALL of that food looks delicious! I don’t have one particular food I like to eat on vacation, but some sort of dessert is always a must. Actually, that’s a must every day, not just on vacation!

  7. omg that food looks to die for! always wanted to try In n Out burger!

  8. all I have to say is HOLY YUM! everything looks amazing!!!! Whether I am on vacation or not, I love barbecuing ❤

  9. Looks like tons of good eats on your trip! 😀 YAY!! I love any and all breakfast foods when we’re on vacay.

  10. i’ve never heard of cashew & bacon carmel corn, and i’m so sad I haven’t 😦 Please tell me it’s as amazing as it sounds??!!!

  11. healthcraved

    whoa! that’s a lot of interesting stuff! when I travel I love to get different kinds of food I don’t get back home. especially local food. that soft pretzel looks so delicious. I bet it was all soft and warm..mmm

  12. That food…. that amazing food!

  13. Thank GOD you went to In-N-Out!!! It’s a must when in the West!!

  14. Even though your posts make me super jealous about West Coast-I still love the posts. I was obsessed with in and out burger when we went there too. So good!

  15. Gosh you have the best vacation eats. Those fries look amazing!!

  16. Salted caramel goat cheesecake? Excuse me did I die and go to heaven? That dessert is worth me getting up and driving to San Diego right this minute. (a slight exaggeration, but still. It looks and sounds beyond delicious). Glad you had fun on vaycay! Love your poolside snacks!
    Happy Wednesday!

  17. Oh my word that pizza looks amazing! Just seeing that Starbucks cup makes me want a coffee right now. 🙂

  18. Now I really want s’mores!

  19. Feel free to keep the vacation posts coming! It’s like you lived out my foodie dreams for me haha .. So much yum!

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