Final Week of Running and Reading Long!

Can you believe that 13 weeks has passed so quickly? It feels like yesterday I was opening Running for Women for the first time, and now Running and Reading Long is over! 

Because we had finished the final book last week, this week is just an overall recap post.  Good thing I have a swimming and running book still at home to keep my reading streak alive!

Alright, here are the summarizing prompts for the program!

1.  What were your favorite reads & why?  Did they enhance your training?

Oh man, this is a hard one! I think overall, my favorite read was The Long Run, which really hit close to home regarding injury, attitude, and mental toughness.  I could relate to feeling worthless and not being able to run.  But using that to fuel the fire and push me further is my plan, just like Matt did in order to recover and go back to Ironman status!

2.  What were your least favorite reads?  Why?

Hmmmm. This is a tough one! I thought at the time that Running for Women would be one of my favorites, but after having read all of the ones that followed, I think this one was one of my least favorites.  Though it was really informational, and Kara is obviously really incredible, I didn’t like that it wasn’t a story.  That doesn’t mean it’s still not a great book for runners of all kinds, though!

3.  Remind us of your training goals (distance, race, etc).  Did you meet them?  Why or why not?

I believe that when this whole thing started, I didn’t have any specific running goals.  I had done a half marathon previously last year, but at the start of the program I was just getting over injury (which I am still trying to keep happy).  Since then, I have signed up for a triathlon that is a little over a month away, and I have been trucking along nicely with that training!

Marathon 2011 010

4.  Did participating in Running & Reading Long enhance your training?  Why or why not? Would you participate again?

I definitely think Running and Reading Long made me focus more on a training plan, and I also picked up motivation and tips on how to be a better runner.  The people I have met through the program are also inspiring.  The chats were beneficial, and they helped to relate to others on a more personal level.  The books kept me motivated and gave me confidence that anyone can rebound from even the worst of conditions!  I would definitely participate again, as long as it’s in the summer – no time for reading once the school year begins Smile

5.  What are you next running-related goals?

For now, I am still focused on the triathlon that is coming up on September 23.  Today is a run day, yesterday was swim and bike.  I went to a local lake to swim open water with no turns.  Definitely helps to practice that because I am so used to having walls to push off for a little boost!  After that, I may sign up for more races, but if not, I am sure next spring will bring new fun ones! Oh ya, and I have the Color Run September 9th, but I am going to just have fun with that!

There will be a final Twit Chat tonight if you’re able to join, and there will also be another Running and Reading Long program opportunity in the future for anyone interested! Be sure to keep your eye on the site for more information!

To finish off this post, I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Laura for organizing and running this program! You’re awesome!

And very last thing: did anyone else cry when Misty and Kerri won last night? I did.  Geez, I get too emotional over the Olympics! A huge congrats to them! And an even greater congrats to Misty, as she retires from volleyball! What a great role model and amazing athlete!

Have a great Thursday!



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5 responses to “Final Week of Running and Reading Long!

  1. Love your goals and so glad you enjoyed the program! I’ll keep recommending books and our next program will have all new ones, so stay tuned!

  2. I really cannot believe 13 weeks have gone by so quickly as well. Oh my stars.

    That beach volleyball was nuts and I was really hoping they would win. They had some real tough matches.

  3. Thanks for posting your goals! I think it’s a really great idea to revisit them periodically.

  4. I have never read the long run so I may have to go check that out!

  5. It’s been so much fun meeting you in this program!!

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