I have felt like a gypsy lately.  I don’t stay in one place for more than a few days, which means that many of my meals happen on the road or consist of a salad.  And also, traveling for me seems to equal a lot of ice cream.  Eh, summer is almost over, and then I will be back to my normal routine, so I might as well live it up!

Here are some of the foods I have been chowing down on lately!

IMG_0228.JPG (2)

Favorite food fo’ sho’.

IMG_0262.JPG (2)

Yes, folks, that’s a pretzel cone.  Talk about sweet and salty perfection.

IMG_0265.JPG (2)

A creation I like to call egg pizza.  Eggs, cheese, chicken sausage, black beans, and jalapenos. 

IMG_0266.JPG (2)

Frozen yogurt pie thanks to the lovely Lindsay!

IMG_0271.JPG (2)

Grilled chicken salad from Red Robin with the girl I babysit!

IMG_0192.JPG (2)

Smoothies galore!

IMG_0197.JPG (2)

Gnu bars are so perfect.

IMG_0199.JPG (2)

A rice/chicken/edamame/black bean mixture.

That’s this week’s WIAW. Thanks always to Jenn!  I am heading to my parent’s house again tomorrow for another weekend on the road! Gotta live it up!

Happy Hump Day! Smile



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28 responses to “WIAW!

  1. OMG I want to try like all of your eats.. here is just the beginning of the list: egg pizza, Frozen yogurt pie, gnu bars! It all looks delicious!

  2. I love gnu bars! Have you had the brownie one?? I love that one!

  3. LOL Gypsy. True life. Though you have your whole life to settle down…who needs to now. Looks like a great week of eats per usual.

  4. Mmmm Mmmm that food this week looks wonderful. I am such a huge ice cream fan and have to really limit myself so I don’t go overboard. I don’t buy it at the grocery store anymore – I just have to settle for cones or single scoops at Culvers when the flavor is too awesome to pass up!

  5. Yum to that ice cream!! and the red robin salad. I havent been there in so long! I looove the fries there. SO thick and perfect for ketchup dipping 🙂

  6. healthcraved

    man that ice cream with the sprinkles looks amazing

  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE pretzel cones!!! I havent seen one in ages but they are SO good!!! all your eats look delicious! they always do but this week especially I am salivating 🙂

  8. Love pretzel cones – I haven’t had one forever, either! Is that from the one ice cream shop you mentioned?

  9. Mmm it all looks good! I agree, enjoy yourself now!

  10. That salad makes me want to go to Red Robin for lunch today!

  11. Yummy I wanna try that egg pizza! How did you make it??

  12. Hey lil gypsy. Haha.. you really have been traveling a lot–so awesome!! I love that you live it up with the summer foods… my mouth is watering at that ice cream 🙂

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  14. Egg pizza sounds so good. I always just end up scrambling everything because I’m too impatient to wait for it to cook properly. I hope you’re enjoying being a gypsy! 🙂

  15. Oh my goodness.. even though it’s only 10am right now.. I have a serious craving for an ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles!! Thanks 🙂

    Ah, I’ve never tried the pb flavor gnu bar. How do you like it?

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