Babysitting Antics

I have been working a lot.  I work two jobs on campus and I also babysit.  Babysitting is by far the most fun of the jobs.

Lately, we have been doing some fun things.

We made tie dye one day last week!

IMG_0156.JPG (2)

IMG_0157.JPG (2)

Earlier this week, we went school supply shopping! I wish they had cool notebooks like these when I was growing up! Though they did have Lisa Frank back in the day…

IMG_0269.JPG (2)

Yesterday, we made some pottery.  Now, we aren’t done quite yet as we haven’t painted, but here are the projects are of right now!



I am sad that school will be starting soon because then I won’t be able to see them as often Sad smile

IMG_0272.JPG (2)

One thing I tried yesterday while babysitting is the Yoplait Greek yogurt.  It wasn’t bad, but it definitely wasn’t as good as my beloved Chobani!

IMG_0281.JPG (2)

Oh, and let me just show you my new BFFS: My Merrell Barefoot Run Dash Gloves Smile I ran a little in them yesterday to start getting used to how they feel! Hopefully they help with some of the pain I get running normally!

IMG_0283.JPG (2)

That’s about all for me.  I am going gypsy again today and heading back to the other side of the state to be with my family for the weekend!

Have you done any crafts lately?



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20 responses to “Babysitting Antics

  1. Busy busy lady! I haven’t tried the Yoplait greek – so many of the “new” greek yogurts just have whey added to them.

  2. Megan@ Run Like a Grl

    Aww you seem like a great babysitter! I also sit once in a while and love it… So much fun!

  3. I used to babysit all the time and LOVED it! I agree, you’d make an awesome babysitter for sure! 🙂

  4. Sadly, I’m not very crafty. I wish I were though!

  5. More crafty posts! It’s great inspiration 🙂

  6. Love this! Isn’t babysitting/nannying great?! Those kiddos are adorable too.

  7. You look like a fun babysitter!!!!

  8. I LOVE CRAFTS! My most recent craft would be the ruler measuring board to measure Andrew’s height every year. I love it!

  9. Yes… babysitting is the most fun! I am going to be sitting 3 kids for a full weekend in October.. idk if I’ll think it’s fun after that ;).

    LOVE the new shoes!

  10. Have a great time with family this weekend!

  11. healthcraved

    pottery looks so fun!!! the most crafting I’ve done lately is turning old t-shirts into racerback tank tops

  12. I hear your shoes! So so so cute.

  13. Yay for babysitting! It sure is fun… most of the time haha, but exhausting! The pottery looks like a great time

  14. I have always loved babysitting!! Good job keeping them busy!

  15. Your babysitting looks like so much fun 🙂 Most of the babysitting I used to do was in the evenings, so once the children were in bed there wasn’t much too it – but then I didn’t get to tie dye or do pottery! Love your new shoes too 🙂

  16. Teehee, I’m sure the kids really like you. Sounds like an awesome time!

  17. I wanna make tie dye stuffs! 😀

  18. I really need to start making crafts!! I am not the best at them, but they are soo fun! I love your new shoess! OH and I was OBSESSED with Lisa Frank when I was younger..OBBBSESSED.

  19. You are probs the best babysitter in the world. I love the shoes (yay minimalism!), but remember to make a super slow transition to them because they can really hurt you if you don’t! 🙂

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