Weekend Update

I know it’s only Saturday morning, but I have been having a lot of fun at home this weekend. 

I drove home from Shippensburg Thursday afternoon, took a little nap, and then got ready to head downtown for Pittsburgh’s 50 Finest.  The event highlights “the city’s most accomplished and eligible men and women. These outstanding professionals are selected on the basis of their activity in the community and success in their careers.  Each of the 50 Finest is committed to raising as much money as possible for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.” (source). 

I was in charge of overseeing the silent auction, which has some pretty awesome things in it!

IMG_0288.JPG (2)

IMG_0291.JPG (2)

IMG_0293.JPG (2)

Friday, my mom and I got up and headed to Whole Foods for the first time!!! I definitely wish there were one closer to me at home or at school! We didn’t buy that much, but we did split a soft pretzel with cheese Smile

IMG_0297.JPG (2)

IMG_0298.JPG (2)

IMG_0299.JPG (2)

We also visited with some family members, including the cutest family member Smile.  My grandma’s birthday is coming up, so there was cake, too!

IMG_0307.JPG (2)

IMG_0309.JPG (2)

IMG_0314.JPG (2)

I finished off the night with this darling, Scout! She is too precious!

IMG_0320.JPG (2)

On today’s agenda: a trip to Kohl’s, a swim, and volunteering at the Jam on Walnut.  If anyone’s in Pittsburgh, be sure to join me at the jam in Shadyside!

Can’t wait for another great day! Hope your weekends are going well Smile



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14 responses to “Weekend Update

  1. Scout is adorable!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. so adorable, hope you have a wonderful day!

  3. Your weekend is already off to a great start I think!

  4. What a fun weekend!! I lovee the WF pretzel, that looks delicious!

  5. It sounds like you’re having a fantastic time 🙂

  6. Jane Gear

    Wow the lighting on the second image is absolutely beautiful. What do you think about Whole Foods and how was the pretzel you shared with your mom?

    Sounds like you had a good start on your weekend 🙂

  7. I’m the same way and that does look like a lot of fun. I have never been to whole foods but I would love too eventually!

  8. ohhhh whole foods how I love you. but its a little pricey. It looks like you had an amazing weekend!

  9. Your event sounded like fun! I love silent auctions. My husband and I go to one every October that benefits the library at the college we attended.
    I wished that we had a WF in Spokane. We just got a TJs this last year so I don’t think we will be getting a WF anytime soon.

  10. The event sounds like a fn time Nikki! HECK YES to Whole Foods, I was just there earlier today and ahhh it just makes me feel better to go 🙂

  11. Aw I wish I was in the Burgh today! It sounds like you had such a nice weekend ❤

  12. You must have had a busy weekend! We love Whole Foods — We go there all the time.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  13. It was your first Whole Foods ever?!?! Oh my gosh!!! haha I go there a little too often for my budget haha

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