Sooo yesterday, I got an email from Shutterfly telling me that all of my old Kodak pictures were transferred into my account.  These pictures haven’t been thought of in years.  And they are hilarious.

When I tell you that I hit the jackpot of old pictures, I definitely did! Check ‘em out!

Let’s start PRE braces and contacts:

labor day 2002 012

Eighth grade dinner dance time – isn’t my date cute?!

2003 misc 027

Happy birthday to me!


Working to get those teeth straight…

halloween 05 003

Before a FREE Fall Out Boy concert…I thought I was super cool visiting my sister at college!


Aweeee Curly was just a baby!!


Making gravy for New Years dinner!


Christmas ‘06!

christmas 06 004

I guess I thought I was cute Winking smile

Junior prom!

I have this picture blown up somewhere in my house, it’s all of the seniors from my senior swim season:

senior nite 07 118

Senior prom with my swimmer girls!

One of the first pictures of Trav and I freshmen year of college! In the middle is one of my best friends/roommate from college! Our first Ship football game!


Ok I could go on for years.  The laughter is never-ending for me.  They just keep getting better!

Hope you got a laugh…just remember, it’s almost the weekend!



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19 responses to “Jackpot!

  1. ittybitsofbalance

    AW! These pictures are absolutely priceless! I used to upload a great majority of my pictures onto Shutterfly too, so I’m sure there’s a jackpot of epic photos waiting for me too haha

  2. These are so great! How great is it to look back and see how much we have changed. 🙂 These are great memories too!

  3. I love looking back to old pictures, my braces years were not my best….

  4. Haha! Looking at old photos is always so fun.

  5. Ohhhhhhhhh my gosh these picutres are SO CUTE!!

  6. I love coming across old photos like that. They always bring back so many great memories.

  7. AWEEEE! I can relate on so many levels with being awkward back in the day. You are too cute though and love the first photo of you and Travis!

  8. All those pics are so cute. Going through old pics is always fun. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Aw! these are too dear! god i look back at old pics and cringe..and laugh mostly lol

  10. Yes!! These pictures made my day! I love looking at old pictures. I used to have a “piczo” account and I go on it from time to time and laugh at pictures of me at age 13 LOL

  11. Angela @ Health's Angel

    Old pictures are the BEST! And I think I spy a couple of Stumpfs… 🙂

  12. Oh, these are great!! What a great find 🙂 I love looking back at old photos and to get a new stack you’d forgotten about is brilliant!

  13. Haha, gotta love the throwbacks! I cannot look at old pictures of me without peeing my pants laughing.

  14. Hahaha! These are excellent! I love looking through old pictures!

  15. oh this is so fun to see all the pictures! I was worried about the transfer to shutterfly, but it seems – so far so good!

  16. oh my gosh! you have to do another post of these old photos. They are awesome! love seeing all the old memories (and clothes hehe)

  17. These are great! I’ll have to bust out some oldies on the blog soon.

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