Friday Fun!

Time to live it up for the next 3 days before the semester starts.  And by live it up, I mean relax and just enjoy every last second.  My last first day of class at Shippensburg is approaching!  After 5.5 years and two degrees, December will be the end of it all!

Things that will definitely be happening today to make it the best last Friday of summer:

1. Nonstop playing of this song.  I am a little obsessed. 


2. “Purchasing” tickets to this FREEFEST concert.  With Ben Folds Five.  HECK YES!


3. Spending time with Trav’s cousin who just moved into the dorms for her FIRST semester at Ship! Looks like I’ll be passing on the reigns Smile

4.  Admiring the pottery that I made while babysitting!  I made the two in the back!

photo (6)

5.  A good workout – haven’t decided between a run and a ride yet, though, but I gotta get pumped for the upcoming month of races!

6.  Drinking so much of this coffee.  It is so delicious!

photo (7)

7.  Refuse to stress out, think about life after graduation, or prepare for classes.  This is my day to just love everything about life!

What will you do today to make life amazing?!



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10 responses to “Friday Fun!

  1. I like the strawberry, but I bought the almond and it’s even more delicious! Enjoy your weekend.

  2. How fun!

    Unfortunately, I have to work late today. But, tomorrow I will go to yoga and enjoy a long, leisurely brunch 🙂

  3. ok, how is that coffee? I am a DD fan but only buy the classic. I need an opinion because that stuff looks bomb!

  4. strawberry shortcake coffee?! that sounds interesting!! haha 🙂

  5. I’ve seen that DD coffee in Target and always contemplate getting it but wasn’t sure if I would like it! Although… strawberry shortcake? How could I not like it?!

  6. I really hope you have a great weekend! You’ve been nonstop this summer! 🙂

  7. I heard that Matchbox Twenty song on the radio today and I’m obsessed!!!

  8. healthcraved

    gotta love relaxing weekends! I haven’t done much of anything to make life amazing today–so this post is inspiring me to get up and go do something! thanks girl!

  9. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    Strawberry shortcake coffee?? Reallly?? Wow! I think relaxing and enjoying every moment is the perfect way to take these last few days 🙂

  10. Since it’s currently 6:30 am, I would say I’ve done nothing amazing as of this morning. Though yesterday I went hiking which was lovely!

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