Chicken with the Head Cut Off

Ok, honestly, I felt like I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off yesterday. Anyone else familiar with the very grotesque phrase? Haha  I woke up at the dark hour of 5:25, threw on my swim suits (yes, I still am in the habit of wearing 2…flashback to my college career), and drove to the pool. 

Practice was then from 6-7 (and was about 2600), and then I headed home for a second or two to pack my second breakfast and lunch.  And two snacks, definitely can’t forget those! From 8-12, I worked on campus, and then headed to my placement for my final semester!

I have to do a practicum for my special education degree, but it’s not every day because I’ve already done a full student teaching.  I will be going into the school two times a week, and I am very excited! The classroom is the only special education room in the building, so there are going to be a mix of different types of disabilities and students.  And I am so ready to tackle all of their awesomeness Smile

Well from there, I headed back home, picked up a package that was wrongly delivered across town, and visited with a college friend who was in town before he moves! It was great to see him, but it didn’t last long before I went home for dinner and hit the roads for a ride.

By the way, my package was a Canari tour jacket, which is for riding once the weather gets colder! And it can be a vest, too Smile I got it from the Clymb, which I am telling you is my favorite thing ever! For ordering from the site, I got 15 dollars credit, and used it to get a RoadID!

But back to my day, I rode 23.7 miles, and it was a fantastic ride! My legs are feeling it in the good way that makes me feel happy about the workout.  Too bad I couldn’t just go home and relax after! I had a meeting on campus which lasted until 10:30, came home and watched some Friends to relax, and then I hit the sack.  Another long day for me! But you know what, I rather enjoy the busy days.  I like having things to do!

Do you prefer busy or empty days?



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25 responses to “Chicken with the Head Cut Off

  1. Wow! That is quite a day!

    I prefer a string of busy days (maybe 3 or 4) followed by 1 or 2 empty days. I definitely agree with that Lucille Ball quote (she was genius) and I get so much more done when I’ve got lots to do.

    I’m glad you enjoy busy days – it seems like you will have many 🙂

  2. Oooh I love that jacket – perfect for cooler days!

    I don’t mind busy days as long as it’s not one right after another right after another. Lately I’ve had something going on every night and have had to plan my evenings out almost a WEEK in advance. That’s too busy for this girl!!

  3. Busy busy!! Sounds like stuff that you enjoy though :). Also, I will probably never stop wearing two suits as well LOL! People at my gym’s pool look at me funny 🙂

  4. Angela @ Health's Angel

    Whew! What a day! I don’t mind busy days as long as I get some emptier days in between. I know many people who thrive on being “omgsobusy” every single day…and I just don’t know how they do it. I neeeed a little relaxation thrown in or else I would never survive!

  5. man crazy but productive day, way to go!

  6. Love the new jacket! I have three canari jerseys, but I don’t have any cycling clothes for colder weather. I need to remedy that.

  7. most of the time i prefer busy days – but not so crazy that i’m overwhelmed! although lately i’ve been trying to appreciate the free time i have instead of getting antsy about wanting to go to college already. so far it’s been working – i started a bible study, have been going to more classes at the gym, and finally started a packing list! 🙂

  8. Oh wow, SO busy! But I hear you – I get way more done when I’m busy than when I have plenty of time. When I have lots of time on my hands, I tend to put things off whereas when I’m in a time crunch I just go-go-go. 🙂

  9. dancingwithashley

    2 swimsuits?? How does that work?!

    Also, I love that Lucille Ball quote…it’s so true.

  10. oooh that website looks cool! what kind of stuff do they have? is it only outdoor gear?

  11. I def prefer busier days. I’m glad you have been getting back into the pool! Sounds like so much fun (but not enough that I’ll get back LOL)

  12. I feel like the busiest person in the world right now. You are defs busier though 🙂 I love the busy feeling, but it gets sooo tiring!

  13. BUSY days! As much as I love being lazy and having nothing on my to-do list everyone in a while, those days tend to drag. Busier ones are much more exciting!

  14. Whew, you are always so busy during the semester!

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