In addition to the great pictures from the Nationals game, and the Color Run, I’ve rounded up quite a bit of fun pictures on my phone from recent times!

Quote from the wall at the gym:

IMG_0434 (2)

Rexy, my sister’s dog:

IMG_0467 (2)

Anyone want some “mozella” cheese on their nachos?

IMG_0469 (2)

I got some placemats and dish towels Smile

IMG_0470 (2)

Cinnamon crunch bagel from Panera Smile

IMG_0498 (2)

Awesome Warhol soup cans Smile.  I have a bit of an obsession with Warhol.

IMG_0499 (2)

My RoadID that I just got using my free reward from The Clymb!

IMG_0544 (2)

Honey crisps ARE BACK!!! YAYYYY!!!

IMG_0546 (2)

And here comes the pumpkin-ness:

IMG_0547.JPG (2)

Funny story with this next picture.  I am the most terrible pancake flipper in the world.  That’s what Travis is for! Winking smile  But these pumpkin pancakes are amazing! And so simple! 1 egg, 1 banana, 1 scoop nut butter, some pumpkin, and some optional pumpkin pie spice. 

IMG_0548.JPG (2)

For more pumpkin recipes, check out Jamie’s awesome recipe roundup! 

And while you’re checking out other posts, check out my plea for donations for my upcoming race Smile.  You all are spectacular!

Happy Tuesday!



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19 responses to “Randos

  1. I see Honey Crisps there!! Ahh I cannot wait for them to come around these parts… well at least be a bit cheaper, I am NOT paying $3.99 per pound, your price is much better!

  2. I’ve been surprised, we’ve had a large apple supply in the grocery stores all year but now we’ll get some more regional ones and that always makes me happy. Honey crisps are my favorites too!

  3. i love this post. I’m excited for pumpkin k-cups…honey crisps… omg i love cinnamon crunch bagels from panera they are the best! anddd I need to get a road id asap! (: Great post!

  4. Angela @ Health's Angel

    Mmmmm the picture of your bagel is making me want to go to Panera for one. Cinnamon crunch is THE best one! I’m the worst pancake flipper in the world, too…maybe that’s why I never make pancakes!?

  5. honey crisp are the best but so expensive! I rarely buy them. It is too early for me to buy halloween stuff.

  6. Cinnamon crunch bagel??? That sounds absolutely fantastic!!! I wish we had a panera in Spokane now!
    I just ordered my first Road ID- I should be getting it soon.

  7. Panera bagels are yummmyy! Loving pumpkin spice coffee as well…YAY YAY YAY for FALL! 😀

  8. I need to get some honeycrisps ASAP! 🙂

  9. Those pumpkin pancakes sound amazing! Pumpkin = fall and fall = amazing. I am looking up those kcups.. My roommate has a keurig that we all use. 🙂

  10. yeaaaa for pumpkin foods!!!! I cant wait – I might need to try those pancakes for lunch today 🙂

  11. oh my goodness those cinnamon crunch bagels from panera are to die for!! now i want to go get one even though i just ate breakfast 😉

  12. Thanks for including me in your post (and for contributing to mine)!

    Pumpkin pancakes sound amazing right now, yum!

  13. What Mexican restaurant did you visit? I love Mexican food!

  14. I saw those new soup cans at Target! So awesome 🙂

  15. That’s my favorite bagel at Panera! They are sooo delicious!

  16. I always like it when I mess up on things Like pancakes because it means I “have” to eat them immediately. I’m the worst grazer! Love your pictures today!

  17. yay road ID! i love mine..cause it’s cute and purple! 🙂 and the soup cans are awesome! i love pop art

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