It’s the time of the week! Here’s a rundown of me trying to get as much protein into my day as possible Smile

Breakfast consisted of two almond-filled, flourless pumpkin muffins.

IMG_0553.JPG (2)

Along with some pumpkin spice K-cup coffee, breakfast held me over until lunch, in which I had a salad with tuna and red wine vinegar. 

IMG_0549.JPG (2)

And then, I had a nice handful of some massive raw cashews.  They’re probably my favorite nut.

IMG_0550.JPG (2)

My mid afternoon snack was the last bit of some choco-choco PB crave and a Granny Smith.  Great combo as always Smile

IMG_0551.JPG (2)

My pre-workout dinner was some egg whites and hot sauce.  I attempted an omelet, but it crumbled.. EHhhh oh well.

IMG_0554.JPG (2)

During my workout, I had some chomps, which are so delicious Smile

IMG_0555.JPG (2)

And after my ride, I had a random post workout dinner of veggie meatballs and ketchup…

IMG_0556.JPG (2)

Thanks, Jenn, for hosting the mid-week party! As always, I love seeing what my fellow bloggers are eating, and I can then pretend that I am good in the kitchen. Off to swim practice!

Friends update: I’m currently on Season 6 Episode 18 Smile.  Trucking right along… though I am sad that it will be ending soon Sad smile  There are so many things I never picked up on when watching the show growing up!



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14 responses to “WIAW!

  1. Angela @ Health's Angel

    I just baked some pumpkin muffins yesterday…and they are totally my breakfast this morning, too. So good!

  2. mmmm pumpkin muffins and pumpkin coffee.. tis the season! (:

  3. I will most definitely be trying out the almond flour pumpkin muffins this Fall. I’ve never been a fan of pumpkin in oatmeal but I love it every other way: cupcakes, cake, bars, muffins, breads, coffee, etc, etc…

  4. Oh gosh muffins. I need it to cool down so that I can bake again!! Turning on the oven in 90 degree weather is suicide over here

  5. How are the pumpkin K-cups? I’ve been wanting to try them but not sure if I would like it.

  6. Those muffins look awesome! I was enjoying some muffins of my own…http://inherchucks.com/2012/09/09/seedy-orange-zest-muffins/.

    Thanks for sharing. Happy WIAW 🙂

  7. lately I have been so into packets of tuna, so simple and cheap!

  8. Oh! I have to give that muffin recipe a try, prolly healthier than Panera’s {which I am addicted to} 😛

  9. Ohhh I just got a hardcore craving for your muffins. Like, I really might make some right this minute. (well, I have to go to the store first) And I totally forgot about my love for choco choco and cookie butter PB Crave until I saw this. Who am I?? Okay thats it. I’m definitely going to the store. Thanks for sharing!!

  10. Pumpkin muffins!! YAYAY!! I am with you on feeling sad when a show ends..when I finished all of the seasons of Nip/Tuck..aka my favorite show everrr..I Was so sad. I might have to start them again. haha.

  11. Aww I love that you are rewatching Friends. Good stuff! 🙂 And those pumpkin muffins sound great! 🙂

  12. Everything looks so good. I could def go for pumpkin muffins sometime soon. PB crave. GAH-I really want to try that.

  13. Cashews are definitely the best nut there is. 🙂 Brazil nuts are a very close second. Fun fact: I will only eat salted nuts. I hope your week is awesome so far!

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