Things I Want But Don’t Really Need

I think the title says it all.  There are things I see online that would be awesome but in no way necessary.  And some things that are just so ridiculous, they’re amazing.  Here’s some of those things:

– A S’more Maker

– A cat creator

– iPad typewriter…I mean if I had an iPad.

– This chair that reminds me of Rainbow Fish

– These amazing socks

– And this amazing piece of furniture…

There are so many things I would spend money on if money grew on trees.  These are just a few of the things. 

Is there anything useless you’d buy if you had all of the money in the world?



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17 responses to “Things I Want But Don’t Really Need

  1. I don’t know how useless they’d be, but I’d blow it on designer shoes and purses for sure. 🙂 And fancy meals out, like at Habitat. 😉

  2. Clothes!!! I would love to just spend a but load of money on cordinating outfits. Have one for every day from top to bottom. Even have a purse to go with that specific outfit. 🙂
    Or, I would pay off my debts and be on the mission field. 🙂

  3. I love the Knit Your Own Cat! Too funny and it actually would be a good activity for some of the downtime I have during my nanny day 🙂

  4. I LOVE the smores maker idea! And I’d also buy a hammock…they are so interesting to me! lol

  5. My coach has those socks, but they are superman socks. They look hilarious, especially when he runs in them.

  6. haha I love looking at stuff like this, I want an ice cream maker badly!

  7. I definitely need that smores cooker…..

  8. I’d get a milk foamer for my coffee. Shockingly expensive (like $90) and that seems like such a waste of money. If I had the money to blow though… 🙂

    And I’ll bring it over when you’re cooking your s’mores.

  9. “iPad typewriter…I mean if I had an iPad.”


    I would blow it on an elevator for my house 😛

  10. omg i think i definitely need an ipad typewriter and a smores maker! right? (: haha

  11. Definitely clothes! I love to shop but the fun of it has been totally sucked away now that I’m supposed to be a responsible adult with my money!

  12. I am GEEKING out about the S’more maker!!! AHH!! If I had a lot of money I would install a lap pool in my house… LOL. Then we could swim together when you come home to PGH!

  13. If I had an ipad… I Would need that typewritter. hahaha

  14. A smores maker! That sounds perfect!

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